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Hi there Whyville. There's been a lot of people nominated for WITS lately. So I decided, I should write one. I mean, I had nothing to do, so why not? I went to a lot of chatrooms, to find someone, that was very special. Nothing really came up to my standards. I even went to the Newbie Center, and I could've seen way better. No one, in my opinion was really enough to get nominated.

A lot of people get nominated because that person is their best friend. Or they just hang out at the same places. These are two true facts of whom I'm nominating. But that is not even close to why I'm nominating her.

People would say, that she isn't one of the most popular people around, but to me, she's my whole world. Everything I do somewhat revolves around her. She's definitely one of the best people you can meet. She's unique, and she shows it. She might tell you her parts, but if she doesn't, don't start up hating on her. Because, she does know how to handle it. She's always smiling, even though she hates her braces. Which I think personally are fine.

Lizzie313 (Elizabeth) is my best friend in real life. We talk almost everyday, and if we don't our days are pretty boring. We like a lot of the same things. We get along, and very rarely have fights.

Elizabeth is always fun, totally weird, and an awesome companion. To me, she's one of the best students in her class. We can laugh over the stupidest things. We laugh over disgusting things, and we laugh over things that aren't a bit funny. I mean, we are computer nerds and spoon warriors! Special thanks to Magicbox who created the Spoon Warriors sign just for us!

Elizabeth simply loves the computer. A while back, I got addicted to it, then of course, so did Elizabeth. She knows a lot about her favorite sites. She can spend hours on it, but she is always doing something. She either is helping someone out, or talking to her friends.

Elizabeth is one of the smartest cookies of all time. She loves to dance, she's amazing at it. She played the clarinet in band, which is simply like a recorder, but much harder. Elizabeth does the most fabulous looks, she does her own stuff, and she is very Original. Elizabeth has been taped, but not a lot. She isn't a y-mail helper, but she is taking the test in a few days, She has written one article at this time, about the Mattel Recall, which is a truly amazing article. She isn't the most popular Whyvillian that everyone knows, but she has a lot of amazing friends.

Elizabeth truly deserves to be the WITS. Everything she does has something good in it.



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