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Can You Control It?

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My day started "comme-ci comme-ca" (French for so-so). I woke up with a slight cold coming on. I didn't let it bother me though, I simply took some medicine and got on the bus to go to school. On the bus, a person several seats in front of me had their window open, and I was freezing. I asked them to put it up, and was greeted by a barrage of profanity, all over a silly window.

I sat back down, and a locust came through that window and smacked me in the face. Luckily, it did not splat, it stayed whole. The rest of the ride was normal. Getting off the bus, someone not willing to wait 30 seconds for their turn to get off the bus, shoved me backwards to jump in front of me. In the school building, a student went against the school dress code and wore steel toed boots. Not so horrible, eh? Until said student purposely tripped me, and I, wearing flip flops, started to fall.

But, to make it even better, my big toenail on my left foot got caught on their boot, and ripped off the top half of the nail. He laughed hysterically at the blood pouring from my foot, and walked away, without even helping me up or asking if I was okay. I then had to limp through the day, which included a mile run in gym class. And to top the whole day off, when I got home, my puppy got sick on my good foot.

My point is, could you have held in your feelings? I did, yet I have no clue how I managed, now that I look back. I could have let being sick ruin my day. I could have yelled profanity back at the student who wouldn't put up their window. I could have screamed at the locust. I could have shoved back the impatient student. I could have reported the student with steel toed boots. I could have got in a fight with him, or cursed at him. I could have complained in the mile run. And I could have yelled at my puppy for getting sick. Yet I didn't. What would have been the point where you would have lost it? Please y-mail me your thoughts.

How did I hold this in? Well, I give a lot of the credit to my best friend, Tigger450, whom I know in real life. She listened to me vent about my day. Sometimes the best way to control your feelings is to talk it out with a family member, or friend. Without Jessie, I may have lost it and been ticked off the rest of the day, and treating others poorly. Yet music helped me too. I just feel so safe, without a care when I listen to music in my room. Even if I couldn't sing along due to being sick.

The next time you have overwhelming feelings, try to find something productive to do, or talk with a friend, or whatever you like. Just don't do anything harmful to yourself or others. You'll regret it the next day.

Yet, my day would have been great, if not for others being rude. Why bother? The students on the bus hardly knew me, yet they were extremely rude. And the one in the hallway knows who I am, and judges that I'm a jerk because I get good grades and I'm in a lot of clubs. Although I've never done a thing to any of these people, they made the choice to be a bully. Yes, that term that everyone is sick and tired of hearing because of teachers and parents lecturing them about bullies. But it's true, there are many bullies. They are mean for the sake of being mean. Neither gets any good from it, so therefore there should be no point, right? Then why does this sort of thing occur everyday?

Think of that before you yell at someone asking a sincere question about something, such as putting up a window, or help on something. Think before you decide to trip that person just for laughs. Think before you tease that person over something that they cannot help, such as their looks, they may not be able to afford nice things. Just think! What goes around comes around, and although I'm not going to do anything to those people, somehow, someway, they are going to regret being cruel to me. It may happen tomorrow, or several years from now, but karma is weird.

This is Hoppscott, and I would appreciate any criticism, thoughts, comments, or anything about this article. I think I shall end this with one of my favorite quotes of all time, by Voltaire, a philosopher of the Enlightenment.

"I do not agree with a word you say, but will defend to death your right to say it."
~Je m'appelle Hoppscott, au revoir!


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