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Help is on the Way!

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Help is on the Way!

Guest Writer

Hi, this is BluBird, and I know that many Whyvillians are getting a little upset about newbies asking for clams from everyone. This article might help you newbies not just get clams, but other things, too.

  1. Read the Getting Started in Whyville articles. They were made especially for you newbies! You should find a link to them at the bottom of the screen when you are in Whyville Square. It's mostly about getting clams, which you do by playing games. The article explains all about that in it. You should play the games right away, so the next time you are in Whyville you will get your salary!

  2. Most people get bad parts from Grandma, so if you get any parts you don't want, take them to the Trading Post, which is on bus menu close to the bottom. You can sell your parts there and look around if you want, too. Price your items fairly low, since there are a lot of items and most Whyvillians will want the cheapest parts they can get. If your parts won't sell (it happens), then give them back to Grandma.

  3. Save your money. Don't waste your first 5 clams for one 5-clam eye at Akbar's! Your salary will probably be low at first, so come to Whyville lots and play the games a lot. Save up your cash so you can buy better stuff. For instance, if your salary is 5 clams, then by a week, if you've been to Whyville every day, you will have 35 clams! Then you can buy something better like hair or other face parts. I would suggest making your face before you buy a body for yourself.

  4. You can do this whenever you want. Look yourself up in the City Records, also known as the Whyville Directory. There you will see some info about yourself, and so can others. You can write a few comments in it, if you want. If you are not sure what to write, then look up some other people in the Directory and see what they write. You can change things like your password and email address there, too, under "Change Your Personal Information" or just click on "Info and Preferences" in the bus menu.

  5. This is not crucial, but it may help you get in touch with people outside of chat. Write something in the BBS. Not sure what that is? It is the Bulletin Board on your bus menu, and you can find it in the Spin Lab and the House of Illusions Lab (which are the same thing, but in different places). Click on a message someone already wrote, and then click on "Start a new thread". You can reply to other messages, too.

  6. You may see something you can't get to yet, like, perhaps, the Face Factory. If you try to go there, it will say, "Sorry, you don't have enough money to make face parts." Once you get enough clams you can make things. Read Vanilla's help article once you have enough clams, so you know what parts make what.

  7. Get a house. This may require getting up early on a Thursday to get a plot. Don't spend all your cash on your house and still not have a good face, though. Before you have a face, you can live in someone else's house as their guest. Ask one of your friends, or Whymail me. Once you have a house you will receive a guest book where you, too, can have your own guests. If you are not sure about building your house, then save up your cash and buy the $300 room brick. You can buy floors and furniture at the furniture store.

If you are not sure about something in Whyville then Whymail me for some help, and I will reply.




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