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Inside the Mind: A Whyville Veteran

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Hey Whyville, sorry for not making any real recent articles lately. To make it up to all of you, this week I have interviewed a Whyvillian that is hard working, helpful, and honest. Her name is . . . Kimker! Kimker makes extraordinary face parts in Akbar's, she is an awesome y-mail helper, Times Writer, and a Whyville Veteran! It was so hard to choose what to interview her for, she is successful in each category but I picked, Whyville Veteran!

megmeg9: Hi Kimker! How long have you been on Whyville?
Kimker: Hey :) Over 3 years.
megmeg9: Wow, you're very dedicated to Whyville! :) When you first joined Whyville, what were your goals, and did you manage to make your goals happen within the time you've been on Whyville?
Kimker: I didn't really have any goals when I first joined. I just thought "Hmm, everyone in my class is going on this site, I think I'll check it out."
megmeg9: Whyville is a popular site! What does it mean to be a Whyville Veteran?
Kimker: Um...I guess it means you've been on Whyville for a long time, LoL.
megmeg9: LoL, that question was for everyone who wasn't so sure. Do you get any rewards for becoming a Whyville Veteran?
Kimker: Well, you get medals... and it's one of those unforgettable cherished childhood experiences. Even though I'm 16 now . . . don't laugh, I know I'm too old for this place!
megmeg9: LoL, Hey Whyville's fun! I'll probably be going on 'til I'm 100...if I live that long! Be honest, did you ever pick on any new Whyvillians?
Kimker: Only if they provoke me. And that includes not new Whyvillians.
megmeg9: Yeah, let's keep the peace. :) Can you name any big changes that happened to Whyville since the time you joined?
Kimker: I think it would be quicker and easier to name all the things that haven't changed. I swear, it's almost like a completely different site now. I don't mean that in a bad way though. Of course, I don't exactly mean it in a good way either...
megmeg9: Hmm...I can only imagine what Whyville used to be like through the articles I have read. Did Whyville help you with the real world someway?
Kimker: Absolutely. Especially surviving the 7th grade.
megmeg9: Even though I haven't been on Whyville as much as you had, it has been helping me too through the 7th grade. Do you think you will still go on Whyville in the future? Or do you have other plans?
Kimker: I'm trying as hard as I can to stay on Whyville for as long as I can, but as I get older my real life gets busier. My days on here are numbered, I can see that.
megmeg9: I hope that you will be able to come on Whyville for a long time, but you're right. As we get older, we get busier. Thank you though, for letting me interview you! :)

Kimker is a great person, who respects pretty much everyone on here! :) She is truly remarkable.

Well, this is Mae getting back to my busy schedule!


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