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i know why you left, i always knew you wouldn't stay, but i just didn't expect it to happen so soon. i always knew your personality. it was a mind that got tired of things after a few days, hours, and even minutes. But also one that craved popularity and adoration. craving it so much that it pushed away its care for other people's feelings. and that's why you left. Because you didn't care.

when i first met you i knew you'd be a great friend for shopping and gossip, but that's not what friendship is about. it's more than that.

even though i knew that was who you are but i still decided to hurt myself, by making you my best friend. i have no idea why i did that, especially when i knew you would leave us within seconds.

my foreshadow came true. i always knew it was going to happen. but i hid away from the truth. and now, the truth found me.

i remember i called you this afternoon, something about how i just came back from the mall and what i bought. Then you told me, you said, "i want you to be very serious."

and i listened to the tragedy that i always knew was going to happen. it seemed funny at the moment, i knew the reason why you were leaving us but i just couldn't bring myself to get mad at you. just disappointed. very disappointed.

so i guess what i'm trying to tell you right now is that i've learned my lesson, never become friends with someone who's going to end up hurting you. it hurts.



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