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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

Can you believe that Whyville's population is fast approaching the 100,000 mark? Our little town is growing so fast, very soon we'll be an international metropolis!

To honor this landmark event, City Hall has announced the Population Blow-Out Contest. With the population reaching 100,000, there are 100,000 clams to be won!! 10,000 clams each will be awarded to the 10 Whyvillians who can predict to the closest minute when exactly our population reaches 100,000. Are you game? Look for "Population Contest" on your bus menu.

Never in Whyville history has this many clams been up for grabs! You can be catapulted into fame and wealth with one good, educated guess!

The Times of course is not to be outdone in this celebratory frenzy. We've decided to commemorate this event with a special retrospective issue, due out next week. Do you have a special Whyville memory to share? A perspective on the growth of our town? Were you around when the population was only 400? 2000? Send in your Whyville memoir before Tue, Sept 4 to have it considered for the Special Retrospective Issue.

Lastly, a new era deserves a new look, and that's exactly what's happened to Whyville's front page. Check out the Whyville clips on our new front page! They're inspired by what Whyvillians have actually said about our town. Can you think of better ways to describe the features of Whyville? Send your ideas to City Hall!

Wowzers, what a week!

Times Editor



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