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Whenever I read the Times, I read the WITS (Whyvillian in the Spotlight) and I enjoy them, but then when I read the BBS people are arguing why that Whyvillian shouldn't be the WITS. The most common argument I have heard is that writers shouldn't nominate their best friends in real life.

So to try to avoid this argument, I have nominated someone on Whyville who I have never met, in fact I have never had a real conversation on Whyville with them. The only conversation I have had is me y-mailing a request to this y-mail helper, face part designer, and all around a good example of a true Whyvillian. This week's WITS is Breatira.

Breatira has been on Whyville since September 2005. He has a salary of 144 clams a day making him eligible to become a y-mail helper. So being the caring person he his he has volunteered his time to help Whyvillains when they are confused or have a question.

Breatira is also one of the best face part designers. He has made over 200 different face parts all of them being creative and original. I have worn many of Breatira's face parts especially his hats. Breatira is the proud maker of the INDE hats and all the New York hats.

Breatira is an all around great Whyvillian so I think he deserves this week's WITS even though many of you will not agree, but that is okay because everyone has a right to free speech. Like most writers, I will enjoy reading all of your comments, compliments and opinions.

Baxierox, going to do homework.


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