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Money, Money, Money

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Money. Think about all the money in the world. Trillions, trillions upon trillions of dollars, shooting through banks, being shoved over a counter, credit card numbers running through computers. Money, money, money.

As pre-teens and teenagers, we use money for things our parents won't buy for us. Our secret hardcore CDs, that crisp white hoodie, silver hoops for your best friend's birthday, new wheels for your skateboard. All material things cost money.

Think how much money your parents spend. On groceries, school supplies, new shoes, stacked bills, household items. It must add up to a lot. What would we do without it?

And even though money might be one of the most reoccurring things in our lives, however young we are, did you ever stop and look at that 5-dollar bill and think, "Where has this money been?"

If you ponder it, it is really amazing. That 5-dollar bill might have started out in California, through countless cashiers, overseas in a tourist's pocket, back through stores and wallets and many, many hands. How many people had held that 5-dollar bill before you? What had they bought with it?

Money truly is the world traveler. It goes with you everywhere, passed on to somebody else, through lines and banks and the insides of greasy pockets. It's truly phenomenal to think how this random 5 bucks was used and where it has been. What will you use it for?

The one thing that is hard with money is to save it. I try to keep a list of the things that I want so I don't forget and can budget my money over time. That's what many people do. Some of the older of us work a part-time job for a little extra spending cash, while others get an allowance. Having and spending your own money carefully is one of the first parts of being independent.

A great way to learn how to budget money is a system you can work out with your parents. Decide on an amount of money, (depending on the situation, from 30-60 dollars a month) to have. This is a lot of money, but there is a catch. You have to live on it. Buy any new clothes that you want, music, gifts, shoes, anything besides food, lodging and furnishings that your parents usually buy. This system doesn't work for very expensive things like a new bed frame and such, but it really teaches you what it will sort of be like on your own. I tried this for a few years, but in the end, it's harder than it looks to buy everything you want.

Try to keep track of the money coming in and out, and budget what you can spend for the next week, month, etc.

Money has been very important in all of our lives since we were born. We would not be able to survive in the world today without it. Do you have any tips for saving money, or any sticky situations and fun stories to do with money to share? Post in the BBS!

I am currently saving up for too many things. Oh, well. Everyone's gotta make sacrifices.



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