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Has life taken its toll on us yet? Have we, as a younger generation, really felt all the pain and heartache, loss and loneliness that seems to be caving in around our society? I like to think that I know something about real sadness and raw emotion, but looking back at my life, I realize I haven't gone through anything that some people have. Almost privileged. Many of you know what I mean. What has your life been so far? If you were to write a memoir write now, what would be in it?

It takes so much to realize how good we really have it.

It's always the waiting. We are all always waiting. Waiting to do something big with our existence, find our place in society, until it is our time to really make ourselves our own, feel like we our in control of this body, and this mind.

When you think of two years from now, where do you think you will be? How many more memories will you have, how many of those memories you would gladly give away? What sort of emotions will be dragged through by that time?

I know that I don't want to stay in one place forever. Not in the traveling sense, I suppose I'll survive if I never stand at the entrance of the pyramids, or suck up plates of real pasta. But personally, I couldn't stand myself if I didn't get out of my scene and emerge myself in society and different cultures. If I never experienced real sadness or real love.

It's just as simple as "Where do you want to be?" The phrase sounds like a total cliche, but really think about it. Where do you want to be years from now? What do you want to be doing? And will you ever look back at this time in your life and find it total bliss, even though now it seems like a terror. What will come up the path ahead?

So many questions, but we will know the answers. Maybe not as soon as we like, but we will know.

Barnacles stay in one place forever. They attach themselves to a pier, a large sea mammal, the undersides of ships, and stay there. Forever. Do you know anybody like that? Do you know anybody who has so many dreams, but is stuck with something else first, always?

When will we experience exactly what loss is, what true happiness is? How many years, how many mistakes?

Someday, whenever that day be, I will break free of any ties holding me down and do what I want in life. I will make my place somewhere, as will all of you. There are so many possibilities of where you will be. That phrase again. No matter how many pamphlets the schools come out with and career programs, there will always be a million more, a million more options for all of us out there. A million more people to meet, a million more memories, a million more dreams. How will we ever be able to chase them all? Somehow, though, I think that whatever you decide to do, if your heart is in it, then it's not wrong. I can think of a million reasons.



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