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Parlez-vous Francais?

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Bonjour! This is Koalarox, back with another article.

Another article and a purpose. Foreign Language. You might think, "Well, I'm not going to that country . . . I don't need to know a foreign language," but foreign languages are important.

If you live in New York or states nearby, you can drive to Canada, and go to places where all they speak is French! Also, lots of cities have a "Little Italy," "Chinatown," etc.

I went around to different areas in Whyville to get their take on Foreign Language.

First, I went to Beach North. I saw iammaith there.

Koalarox: Hi.
Iammaith: Hi.
Koalarox: Can I interview you for the Times?
Iammaith: Sure.
Koalarox: Do you know a foreign language?
Iammaith: Yep.
Koalarox: Which?
Iammaith: Hindi and French.
Koalarox: Thank you!
Iammaith: Yep.

Then, after seeing virtually no one at Beach South, I went to the Hollywood Cafe.

I saw Localove1 and drew1085 there, and after asking if either of them wanted to be interviewed for the times, and getting two "Yes's", here it is:

Koalarox: Do you know a foreign language?
Localove1: Spanish.
Drew1085: Spanish . . . kinda.
Localove1: Fluent Spanish
Koalarox: Are they important?
Localove1: Yes! Of course!
Drew1085: No, not really that much.
Koalarox: Thank you.
Localove1: We need other languages to communicate with others.
Drew1085: Wait, is that all?
Koalarox: Do you have any thing else to add about foreign languages?
Localove1: No.
Drew1085: Nope. I learned Spanish in school, though . . .
Koalarox: Thanks!
Localove1 and Drew1085: Welcome!

Languges are important and fun. Lots of school districts say you need to pass a certain amount of years of a language to graduate.

If you feel like they're really boring, come up with fun things to do. Quiz your friends, walk up to them and start speaking in your language!

Have fun with it, and if at first you don't get it, and don't think you ever will, my French teacher says we have to "Practice, practice, practice!" Like an instrument, or anything, practice helps you improve.

All in all, I think foreign languages are important. It is helpful to know other languages. At my school they offer French, Italian and Spanish. You can communicate with others, and you get to see how the English language was made up "A pinch of French here, a sprinkle of Latin there . . ."

This is Koalarox saying "A demain!" (See you tomorrow)


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