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My Day in Whyville

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My Day in Whyville
Citizens share their diaries.

Guest Writer

Hey!! Looky there!! It's sp1!!


Hey! This is my first time writing, so... sorry if it's dumb... Anyway, this is my usual day in Whyville.

First, I log in. Then I type in my user name, sparkle1, and my password, ------- (which is not the right amount of --'s), close my eyes, and wait for the background to show up. When I open my eyes, I see a big blur with messed up faces at the top left-hand corner. Oh no! That??s when I go upstairs to get a pop and a snack, while I wait for the background to show up correctly.

Then, when I come back to the computer room, I see 7 - 18 people chatting to one another at The Square. I usually join in a conversation or start my own. After about 4 minutes of chatting, I check for mail.

If I have mail, I'm usually excited because I looove mail!! I read who sent the mail, what the subject is, and the date. Then I open the letter and read it. Usually it is from my friends or newbies wanting clams. If it is a newbie asking for clams, I look them up in the City Records (to see how many clams they would need from me) and give them some.

After that, I go to the Spin Speak to see if my friend is waiting there for me. If she isn't, I go to the Pool Party to chat with some of my other friends. The Pool Party is usually packed with people and there is always a good conversation to join in on. After a while the Pool gets boring, so I decide to go to the Sportzplatz. At the Sportzplatz, I start a projectile fight or start a soccer game.

After the soccer game or projectile fight ends, I go make my face. Then I go chat some more, buy something at Akbar's, or work on my house. Then I say to myself, "I think I should be doing my homework by now, or it's never going to get finished!!" So I silently whisper, "Goodbye Whyville," and log off.

That is my usual Whyville day. Thanx for reading my short diary/article. (Sorry if it was a little dumb... remember, it was my first time!!)

Adios mis Amigos, sparkle1.


Times Writer

Aloha, this is Amanda's Whyville Life. LoL. It's pretty basic, but I hope you'll enjoy reading it. . . .

The first thing I usually do after I log on is go to my mailbox and answer all the mail I get from being a Y-mail Helper, and all my other messages. This can sometimes take me up to half an hour, considering all the messages from new people that come in. But I don't mind, it's fun!

After I reply all the messages and send all the people who want clams the clams, I'll usually go somewhere where I can talk and see if anyone is having problems, needs help with something, or to see if there's trouble that I can help with. When everything, if anything, is resolved, I'll usually go to the Bulletin Boards and reply to some of the messages there. That can take me from fifteen to twenty minutes on a regular day.

When I'm finished with the BBS, I'll probably go and try some stuff that will increase my salary. It's pretty high already, but, hey, it can always go higher, right? I'll usually do that for about fifteen minutes or so.

After that, I'll go to Akbar's, the Projectile Shoppe, Furniture Farm, all the shops and blow some cash. It just burns a hole in my pocket. Sometimes I don't even buy anything, I just go to browse. That can take me forever some days, depending on what's in or out of stock.

Then, if I have any tasks that need doing, like fixing my face, house, or furniture, or donating some stuff to Grandma, I'll usually do that next, after I buy the stuff. Sometimes that will take me forever because I'm like a perfectionist. LoL. Oh, well, some people are like that, right?

After that, I'll read the Whyville Times if there's a new issue, and might be inspired to write something for it right there and then. So, I often do that, as I write for the Times a lot.

If it's a day when there isn't a new issue of the Times, I'll usually go to City Hall and sign some of the polls and petitions and vote, stuff like that. That could take me a while, depending on the amount of petitions that I find worth signing.

After that, I'll usually open the map, find a place that's really crowded or fairly crowded, go there, and chat! If there's no one that I know or feel right talking to, I'll go and Y-mail some of my bestest friends.

So, that's basically what I do every day in Whyville. Sometimes I have to rush in order to do everything, but, hey, that's life. Well, see ya'll later!



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