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All These Fickle, Fuddle Words...

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These Fickle, Fuddle Words...

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Well, well, well... this is nothing more than a simple vocabulary lesson. Ok, I know it sounds boring and stupid and school-ish, but hey, words can be fun! Oh yeah by the way, before I start, the title is a quote from "The Space Between" by The Dave Matthews Band.

First of all, I shall start doing these quite often, just to let you know, because big words = sound smart. People like sounding smart, heh.

Ok, my first word is fickle. What is fickle? Well... fickle is like spontaneous or inconstant. Or it's like random. Got it?

The next word is fuddle. I choose these words because I either think they sound funny or smart. This one sounds funny, heh. Fuddle is something that makes you confused. So a fuddled word makes no sense to you. K? It??s like if you are befuddled, that means you are confused.

The next word I have for you today is insinuate. This happens to be one of my favorite words. =o) To insinuate means to slowly persuade someone or to gradually hint to them something, so that in a subtle way you make them think what you want them to.

Infatuate. Whatta great word. It means to obsess over something. Simple, lol.

Ok, well that's all the words I have time for today... I'll have more later... keep your eyes peeled for 'em. ;o)




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