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Through the Eyes of a Newbie

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Through the Eyes of a Newbie

Guest Writer

Hello, my name's xLiLcHiCa, considering that is my member name. Anyway, I was reading the Whyville Times and I decided that I would attempt to write my first article for the Times. You may have seen my diary a few weeks ago, but this is the first article I wrote for the Times.

See, I'm a newbie here at Whyville and I have a lot of thoughts on the occurrences that have happened to me since my first visit. This article is based on those experiences of mine.

I found Whyville.net under a strange series of events, and I thought it was a very fun, interesting-looking idea. Naturally, I signed up right away. Of course, when you start off in Whyville, things are pretty tough. You know virtually no one, and there are exactly zero clams in your possession.

One thought runs through your mind: Wow this stinks. Don't worry, I thought the same thing. You're standing there, looking like a decorated potato while surrounded by beautiful people shining brilliantly on your computer screen, decked out in matching ensembles and colorful accessories. I decided to do something about it: beg for charity.

I Y-mailed everyone that I saw in the Pool Party, the Square, the Sun Roof and Playground... a lot of people. And do you know how many replies I received? Three. And what a variety of Whyvillians they were. Here's a rough copy of the three Y-mails sent back to me after my request for some clam donations...

Whyvillian 1: Sure! I'll be glad to help you out. I have enough clams of my own so I'll send you a ClamGram of 50 clams. If you need anything else at all, just Y-mail me back and I'll buy it for you. Hope the clams help.

Whyvillian 2: Hell no! Are you crazy? I don't have enough clams of my own! Do you actually think I'll give you any clams? Forget it!

Whyvillian 3: No way! I worked hard for all the clams I have. Work like the rest of us did and earns your clams.

Well, after that little incident, I went back into the Pool Party in hopes of finding more Good Samaritans who would possibly donate some clams to my poor potato self. What happened? Out of the blue, some girl warned me two times.

I was just a newbie; I didn't even have my chatting privileges yet. Basically, I just stood there looking like a mutant potato and some girl warns me. Later I found out it was because, and I quote: "Newbies just piss me off!"

I still don't understand it. What kind of place is Whyville when Newbies, who start off helpless, poor and just plain ugly, are treated so poorly? There are the few Whyvillians who treat Newbies with respect and guidance, while others are just so rude.

To my relief, I'm seeing clubs sprout up everywhere. Clubs that base their goal on helping Newbies get adjusted to Whyville, make new friends, get makeovers, etc.

I remember how confused I was when I just arrived here. C'mon! Whyville is supposed to be a place to meet new friends, have a good time, and be treated with respect. To make this a fun place, we all have to at least make an attempt at that.

Signing off...




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