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The Times is Recruiting

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Hey, you! Yes you! The one reading this on the Welcome Page. Don't look away now, keep reading! You heard me! Read on! I double-dare you to click, "read more" right now. Go on, click it! You could be just the person we're looking for.

Hi there! If you don't read the Times, then you might not know me. I'm rochrox, and I'm one of the Times Writers. Maybe this is the first time you've read a Times article, or maybe you've read many. Either way, we still need you.

Now, you may be asking yourself, who are we? And why does "we" need me? Well, "we" are the faithful Times readers. We are the ones who read the Times every single week, from front to back, and then check back to the BBS's. We could also be the people who glance through the Times, checking to see if there's any articles that might interest us. And we need you. Why?

A good question. A good question, with a simple answer. The Times is recruiting! Not officially, but continuously. Every single day, people just like you, who either read the Times or don't, are letting their creative brains go to waste. Why? By not writing for the Times!

You may be thinking, this is boring and pointless, and are wondering "Why did I ever click on this article?" You clicked it for a reason. And that reason is: you were born to write for the Times.

Okay, that was a little dramatic. But it could be true! The Times has precious few fabulous writers, and we'd like to see a whole lot more! So don't just stand there (or sit there)! Pull up a new e-mail message, and get writing! You heard me! Write about whatever you want. All a good article takes is one great idea! When you're done, send your article to the Times Editor, times@whyville.net. Make sure to include your username, title of your article and the category it fits into in the subject line of the email.

Ok, I know that nobody actually did what I just told them to do, but I hope that you will! Why? Because the Times needs some variety, some new writers! Still wondering why you should write for the Times? A number of reasons:

1) The quality of the Times is slipping. So we need you. You can write a fabulous article, on a fabulous subject! You can improve the quality of the Times.

2) You'll be famous! You heard me, f-a-m-o-u-s! By writing an outstanding article for the Times, you'll be noticed everywhere you go. People will tell you how much they loved your article.

3) Maybe you just need some motivation to keep up with Whyville. Like any website, Whyville can get kind of old. One of the reasons I stick around is because I love writing for the Times! It's lots of fun!

4) You're writing will improve, I guarantee it. The first article I got published was, well, awful. But I got better and better each week, all us Times writers have. And people notice that, not just on Whyville, but in real life too.

5) You'll feel great! With this fabulous article you're about to write, you'll get tons of compliments, and feel amazing!

With all those reasons to write for the Times, it's a wonder why you haven't started yet. Go on, get those creative wheels spinning! You'll be bringing variety, and a great article to the Times.

I hope to see your article soon!


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