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Fast Food Restaraunt: McDonald's

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Hello fellow Whyvillians. I can bet most of you have eaten or have heard about McDonald's. If you haven't heard of, or have eaten there, you are lucky. How many people out there like McDonald's? That was my question. I wanted to know what people thought about this fast food fat restaurant, I call it that anyway. McDonald's isn't that good for you, maybe not at all, depending on what you consume. Most people like the taste of it, but know that it isn't healthy for you. Hey everyone, it's Nateenka, signing in!

I went to the Grotto first. Luv2kik21 sitting there.

Nateenka: What is your opinion about McDonald's?
luv2kik21: Well, I think the food is cheap so more people will come and get fat!
Nateenka: Do you eat at McDonald's?
luv2kik21: Never! It would make me get fat!
Nateenka: Do you think it's harmful if people eat there a lot?
luv2kik21: Yes, it is very harmful because you will get fat and get diabetes.
Nateenka: Do you think McDonald's should shut down?
luv2kik21: Definitely!
Nateenka: Ok, thank you!

Next, I went to check out Mars. Sure enough, I found 3030150.

Nateenka: What is your opinion about McDonald's?
3030150: I like it. They have good but icky food.
Nateenka: Why do you like it?
3030150: 'Cause I like the french fries 'cause they are so salty.
Nateenka: Do you think that it's unhealthy? Why?
3030150: Yes. 'Cause too much salt is bad for you.
Nateenka: Do you think McDonald's should shut down? Why?
3030150: No, because that's the only food I'll eat when I'm hungry. I love McDonald's.
Nateenka: Ok, thanks.

Off I went to Beach South. Kitycity was there.

Nateenka: What is your opinion about McDonald's?
kitycity: Well, umm, they have been adding healthy food to the menu. But they still need to get rid of their bad stuff.
Nateenka: Do you like McDonald's? Why?
kitycity: Not really. Well, it's ok, most of it is still bad for you.
Nateenka: What don't you like about it?
kitycity: Their bad food.
Nateenka: Ok, thanks.

After that, I found 3lkchc at the Fit Zone.

Nateenka: What is your opinion about McDonald's?
3lkchc: It tastes good but it is unhealthy unless you have a salad with everything. I have it like three times a month 'cause I live by it but I get a pop or icee or something.
Nateenka: So do you like it at all? Or do you prefer something healthier?
3lkchc: It depends what items I'm comparing.
Nateenka: In overall do you like McDonald's? Why?
3lkchc: Yeah, it tastes good, I like it in moderations though.
Nateenka: Do you have anything else to comment?
3lkchc: I think that some really healthy things are better for you than McDonald's.
Nateenka: Ok, thank you.

Then I went to Whyville Square. Ava2457 was there.

Nateenka: What is your opinion about McDonald's?
Ava2457: Ok, their food is good, but not good for you! So eat there once a month or less!
Nateenka: Do you like McDonald's?
Ava2457: Umm kind of?! It's okay but I would not eat there a lot!
Nateenka: What would you say to people that eat there a lot?
Ava2457: Okay, I would tell them if they want to get fat and die, that's their problem!
Nateenka: Anything else you would like to say?
Ava2457: No, that is all.
Nateenka: Ok, thank you.

Last but not least, I went to the Ice Pond. There was reaper102.

Nateenka: What is your opinion about McDonald's?
reaper102: It's okay.
Nateenka: What makes McDonald' okay?
reaper102: The service.
Nateenka: Do you eat there often? Why?
reaper102: Not really, because most of the time I eat at home.
Nateeka: Do you like the food at McDonald's? Why?
reaper102: Yes, because it tastes good.
Nateenka: Ok, thanks.

So there it is. Most of the Whyvillians that I had interviewed either liked it but didn't eat there much, or didn't like it at all. I hope you reconsider the food at McDonald's. I try not to eat there much myself because it is very unhealthy and fattening. So, thanks for reading my article!

I'm Nateenka, signing off! Bye bye.


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