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Soma Studio

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Hi, I'm here to interview Whyvillians about the latest addition to Whyville -- the Soma Studio!

Ever since petitions were allowed on Whyville, most Whyvillians wanted a movie theater. Now their petitions have been answered with Whyville's new sponsor. The Soma Studio is a new addition to the Whyville Mall. It is sponsored by SomaGirls.tv, which is a website that produces original lifestyle movies about fashion and beauty tips, celebrity news, and travel.

So what kind of movies do they have on Whyville? Well, the movies are about two minutes long. They range from beauty tips, arts and crafts, to travel videos. There is a team of Soma Girls that will teach you something new every week through their videos.

Anastasia will teach you how to make arts and crafts. Got a passion for fashion? Karen will show you what clothes are hot and what's not. Ever wanted to be a model? Leanne and Christy will show you how to do your hair and makeup like a model. The Catwalk Empowerment series will show you how to be a model. You can also be your own mini celebrity. Megan's going to teach you how to look like the featured celebrity of the week. Kelsey will show you how to make celebrity styles at home. You can watch these movies with your friends, inside the Theater. Or, you can watch them on a personal video player.

If you think that's cool, just wait! Soon, the studio will have an auditorium that you can reserve for Beauty Contests. You can host Beauty Contests by signing up at the Reservations Desk. Also, a runway is under construction right now.

I decided to interview some Whyvillians on what they think about the studio so far:

holiday50: What do you think of the new Soma Studio?
Vancyon: I really dislike it.
Smile62: I think the Soma Studio is a great improvement to Whyville. I like being able to watch these educational videos. It's fun to learn about art, beauty, and other things.
tfklover: I think it's pretty cool that they took an idea that so many Whyvillians participated in, and sort of expanded the whole thing. It went from people hosting little BCs, usually at a planet or something, to this big studio specifically for that, and plus, they added to it.
renob0588: I think the new Soma Studio is alright.
zoe53: I think it's cool and I can't wait for the runway to open.
rere8976: I think the studio is pretty cool because it's the most original thing we've had in a long time.
squashie: I think it's great. Whyville seems to be getting more interactive. The City Workers are listening to what we have to say, and giving us sponsors that we want.

holiday50: What do you think of the movies?
Smile62: I liked most of the movies, except for the fact that they were encouraging short dresses and skirts. I don't like how they consider that short of clothes fashion. If you wore that to school, it is a fact you would get dress coded.
tfklover: They did a pretty good job. I learned some new stuff and they're fun to watch with your friends. I kind of wish you could move around when watching, though, because I'm usually far away from the person I went in there with.
Vancyon: I think the Soma Girls in the movies are horrible. They are all thin, and exposed. I know there's some Soma Girls teaching about fashion and what's hot. Well, I don't think exposing yourself to 7-13 year olds is hot. They might be getting out a positive message through what they're doing, but they're giving out a bad influence through what they're wearing and how they look. Especially the girls who tell you how to look.

holiday50: What is your favorite movie there?
tfklover: The ones teaching you how to do a craft are pretty interesting. I think my favorite would be the one about different make-up techniques that give you different looks.
renob0588: My favorite would have to be the fashion one.
followme1: I like the one with Fergie, in the featured celebrity video.

holiday50: Do you think Whyvillians will go there often? Why?
tfklover: It depends. I think a lot of people will go there just to check it out because it's a new thing. And I'm guessing the ones who are most likely to go there regularly are going to be the girls, of course, and those interested in beauty contests.
Vancyon: For girls, I think it'll be their hangout.
rere8976: I think people that like fashion or clothing will go there more than others because Soma is mostly about fashion.
smoochesX: I think Whyvillians will come not very often because it is only about like modeling and stuff and probably not many guys will go there.
squashie: Yes, because it's new and the programs change all the time.

holiday50: Do you think the Soma Studio is gender neutral?
tfklover: Not really. I think it's mainly appealing to girls, because of the make-up and hair tips. I really don't think that a guy is going to sit in the theater and take notes on how to make his eye make-up like Fergie.
Vancyon: NO. It's definitely for girls! They're all teaching about beauty, style and fashion. Guys aren't into that stuff, especially not the young guys on Whyville.
Staffer: It's all about clothes and fashion. So obviously it's for girls.
followme1: I think girls will come here more than boys, only because I'm here and I don't see any guys. But then, I see all these girl pictures and see why it mostly involves girls. So boys wouldn't really have much of an interest.
squashie: I think it is. I made hemp necklaces and I'm a guy.

holiday50: How would you improve the Soma Studio?
Vancyon: I would get some real girls to replace the plastic ones. Also, they could add a Food Court for people in WhyEat. I don't think I've ever seen a movie theater without some popcorn!
Smile62: I would improve the studio to where you can chose what movie you wanted to watch rather then only having one playing.
zoe53: I want to access different rooms so I can sit with my friends.
rere8976: I would make a variety of movies or clips.
smoochesX: I would put more colors in the studio. It's all pale blue and blends in.
weaties1: More colorful!
followme1: I would put more fun into it, like more music and entertainment.

Those were some really great opinions! But what do you think of the Soma Studio? Check it out today, and tell me in the BBS!



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