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So it's official. Our beloved summer is over, and fall is here. For most of us, summers bliss ended when school started, but only now in most areas are we seeing the signs of fall around us.

When most of us think of fall, we think of big family feasts, leaves turning brilliant colors over our heads, the occasional ghost, and the packing away of shorts. All of those skimpy little pastel things that we will miss so dearly. Although, boys, I hope yours aren't as skimpy as some ladies shorts. That would be uncomfortable.

With fall comes the holidays. (Do I feel the cheers coming?) Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah, Columbus Day, Halloween, and so many more to celebrate with our families and our horror movie make-up.

On Whyville, fall is coming, too. Maybe not so evidently as in our real world, but it's only a matter of time before the Haunted House ads start pouring in, our avatars get adorned with turkeys, pumpkins, ghosts and leaves. Even the weather on our Destinations Bus is changing a little bit. Rainy, Clear and Cooling, all signs of fall for some of us.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love watching everything chill down from the summer and the leaves in the park slowly but surely change color. I love Thanksgiving with my family, and chewing up stale twizzlers and listen to haunting music on Halloween. I love the chilly weather, and pulling out my jackets, and scarves.

Most people groan at the thought of another cold winter, of soggy boots and apple red cheeks from the frostbitten air. For a very lucky few, winter passes through not unnoticed but not harsh. Not every single one of us is done with our shorts yet.

It's one of the rare things my brother and I have in common. We both love the fall. Sure, things change in every season. Fall to winter, things start getting colder and the snow sets in on us. Plants lose their leaves and the color drains. Winter to spring, the buds come out on the trees, and everything begins to melt. Spring to summer, school gets out and we all head for our vacations and beaches, but summer to fall. There seems to be something less dramatic about, something more artsy and beautiful. Greens slowly changing to imprints of red, oranges and yellows. A chilly little breeze shivering up our backs as we laugh the way home with our friends. Warm classrooms and great and inspiring students around us, coziness. Something even those spitting teachers can't destroy. When I think of fall, I think it sort of like a picture book, like a painting.

If only an artists could capture the magic of it on canvas. But some things can't be stroked down. Some are just for our eyes to enjoy, that warm fuzzy feeling around our hearts.

But the things I say I have to enjoy most about fall is that one morning. It only happens once, that very first morning, when you stumble outside, and you can see your breath hanging in the air, reassuring us that another fall and long winter will come upon us again.



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