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I always enjoy reading the Whyvillan in the Spotlight (WITS) in the Times, and I've always thought of people to give it to. And yes, there are plenty. But I decided to do a girl who was nice, smart, and even has some since of humor. Who is it? You've guessed it folks . . . it's rochrox!

Rochrox does so many things to help people around Whyville. She is very nice, and is a Newbie helper. What does she do to be nice? Well if you've ever talked to her in real life or virtually, you've probably figured out that she has a lot of patience. She understands that it's hard to not know things, but you want to do them. My advice to you is if you ever need a helper or a question answered, go ask Rochrox. She really does rock!

What else does rochrox contribute? Happiness! Around Whyville, she's always cheerful and preppy. She brings a lot of spirit into Whyville. Now that's a person who deserves the recognition! She knows we all have opinion in BBS', so she doesn't really mind if people don't like her article. Really people! It's called an opinion and we all have different ones at times. Rochrox knows she doesn't want to bring a fight into the BBS, so instead of being angry at them, she says "that's ok," and moves on with her life. Talk about caring for feelings! :)

Smartness, patience, Happiness, wow! What's next? Well there's more! Rochrox supports Newbies. She was one once and she knows what it's like to be made fun of and frustrated with other people. So she is very polite and calm with them (as she is all the time) and she actually talks to them. And no not the "Get away ugly!" talking but the "Hello. How are you?" talking. She's very nice, I hope you see that.

I just want to say, "Thank you, Rochrox. For all you've done! Keep up the good work!"



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