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Teacher's Pet: Getting the Grade

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Time for the second installment of Teacher's Pet. Hopefully you're a lot wiser on time management from my last article. Anyone can make an F. And it doesn't take much to get a D or C. But how many of you get B's and A's?

Most people fail or make low grades either because they don't care about their classwork, or because they just don't get it. First you have to figure out which one you are. If you just don't care, then of course you're not going to get any good grades anytime soon. You have to want good grades to get them. If you don't understand then talk to your teacher. Let them know what you are having trouble with. The teacher's job is to help you, so take advantage of that. You can even ask your friends for help or seek a tutor.

Make sure that you arrive on time every day to class. This way you won't miss any warm-ups or early classwork. If you don't arrive at school at all, you'll miss out on important lectures, notes, discussions, assignments, tests, and quizzes. You have to actually be in school to learn the material. If you miss work unintentionally, teachers usually give you make-up work when you return. Just ask them. Try to get any notes you can from any friends who have that class with you.

Know your teachers. Find out what kind of teacher they are. Are they strict, nice, mean, psycho? If you figure out your teacher's rules, personality and teaching style, you can play "teacher's pet" and get on their good side. Some teachers accept homework a day late if you forget it. Is your teacher like this? Find out. This way, if they are, instead of being mad that you left it at home, or because you didn't do it, you can still turn it in the next day and still get credit for it. It may not be a full 100, but it's credit nonetheless. Every point counts towards your grade and not to mention your GPA (Grade Point Average).

Be a teacher's pet. There's nothing wrong with becoming the top student and sucking up to the teachers. As long as you understand your work and you are receiving good grades, it doesn't matter what anyone else think. Put it this way: would you rather pretend like you don't know the work and fail, or do your best and pass?

Come prepared to class. Teachers usually give out supply lists on the first week of school. If your teacher didn't, just ask him/her what materials will be necassary for that class. Being prepared means you come to class ready to learn. School isn't for sleeping. Leave that at home. You'll get very poor marks and miss out on information. If you're not getting enough sleep, I suggest that you go to sleep earlier. When you walk in your classroom, you must also come mentally prepared. If you're thinking things like "I can't wait to get out of this class so I can meet up with Bria!". This will just make the class seem longer, and you won't be entirely focused on your work. Think about what you're going to do that day, and stick to it.

Participate in class. Some teachers give participation grades, which count as much as a homework grade sometimes. Participating also makes the class more interesting and it keeps your mind focused. Ask and answer questions, and get involved in class discussions, or any other group activities.

If you still can't seem to get good grades, then ask the teacher about extra credit. This helps to boost your grade and the teacher will be enthused about your concern about your grade.



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