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I Love Whyville

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I Love Whyville

Started Whyville on Dec 23, 00

My life on Whyville has been VERY interesting. A lot of people hate me, and a lot of people like me. I don't know why they don't, or do. But you know what? I love Whyville. It's so fun. Well, it used to be. When there weren't so many rude people!

Nowadays I go into the Pool Party and get people yelling at me for no reason, and then saying it was just for fun... newbies harassing me asking me for money... and guys warning me if I won't date them. And I'm sorry people, but I just don't think its right to date online, I mean, you don't even know these people, they could be sickos! You know what I mean?

Anyways, my life has gone a little like this...

I started Whyville. As a newbie, well, this is an understatement, everyone was a newbie when I joined... well, Whyville was kicking. It was so much fun! Everyone was really nice, and people donated all the time! We always got together and hung out and just chatted it up. What happened at school, what did you do this weekend, you know, the basics.

And there wasn't a time I remember where a newbie was just cussed out, or told to leave. Everyone gave their clams to people who needed it. And those were the days of the newbies.

Then I got a little older on Whyville. I started being able to afford things. And having maybe hundreds in the bank, I was one of the upscale Whyvillians. Buying things left and right. Everyone started hoarding their money then. For clothes, or a plot maybe. And some who had nothing, were looked down upon. Even though before, these rich people were poor too. I helped some people and donated a little now and then. But then I started to realize, Whyville isn't all it's cracked up to be!

Later on I would realize that I was being scammed left and right. Well, most people were. Rich people would go on "newbie" names and ask people for clams. The nice people would send them money, then the "newbies" would send it to their other name. A rich person name. And then it would go on like that. I also realized some people would say they had been scammed, clear all their face parts off their body, and have people give them clothes and clams. I even once found a "newbie" who said they were really poor, and they looked it too. No face at all! Well, I went to City Records, and saw that their salary was something around 67! They made more than I did!

Nowadays... rude people everywhere! Nobody donates, nobody will give a poor newbie some clams, nobody gives anything away anymore. People warn, silence, and 911 report people for no reason whatsoever. They cuss at others all the time! Once a girl asked if I would sell her my shirt before, and I said no because it was my favorite shirt, and I paid a lot for it. So she 911 reported me, warned me, and silenced me! Then she got everyone else to warn me, and then told everyone that I was cussing her out in whisper. Which if you know me, you know that is not the case!

Well, that was my life in Whyville, for the past decade or so :) Lol...well this is GrriesYEA signing out. For good!

Note to friends, family, and everyone I've met along the way...

    You have all touched me in some way.
    I have a high respect for you all.
    Though I know only a few of you,
    I still think you are great people.
    For those who don't like me, that's too bad, we could have been friends.
    For those who do like me, I'm glad I met you.
    And for those who do not know me, I would have been happy to meet you.

For the last time, I am leaving for good. I will be giving my name to someone I know, my cousin in real life, and one of my best friends on Whyville, MonkeyGrl.

Hanna, you have really been great, and despite our quarrels, you've always been there for me. And everyone else that I know, you have always been great people to talk to. City Hall, I would like to thank you also for giving kids a place to hang out, talk, or discuss their problems with their peers. This is a wonderful organization, and I thank you the most. Goodbye to all my friends.

A special shoutout goes to Callie, Joanna, Beebee, Bev, Pheas, and Nikki for always understanding me.



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