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Interview With A Winner

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Interview with the Winner
Face-off Champion Polygirl

by Pego
Times Reporter

Hello, Citizens of Whyville. I have finally tracked down Polygirl, the famous Face-off Winner, and got an interview from her.

Pego: "So, Polygirl, how did you think up the face?"

Polygirl: "I think the real reason I changed my face was because of my friend KaWoods. She told me that my face was boring and pretty typical, so as soon as I got enough clams I went down to Akkbar's and bought some stuff. I bought dark glasses because I didn't have any and I wanted some for Christmas. I bought the earrings because I just got my ears peirced and I don't remember why I got the hair clip. It pretty much looks like me."

Pego: "How did you react when you found out you won?"

Polygirl: "Well, I literally went screaming around the house. I told my mom and my dad and all my other friends the next day at school. I was really excited."

Congratulate Polygirl, the Face-off winner! (You can send her mail by clicking on her picture below.)

Polygirl, the Face-off champion


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