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Future Whyville

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Future Whyville

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Hey everybody, I'm Astro25.

I don't want to sound like I'm obsessed with Whyville (okay, maybe a bit), but... yesterday, on August 30, 2001 around 2 or somewhat, I had a strange dream about Whyville. I futured things such as we all get a full body, shoes, and other stuff like skateboards and surfboards or if you want, cars and other stuff.

It was really odd. There I was, watching the screen, and I saw a 3D version of what I looked like on Whvyille. I could bend my arms with one click and I could pick up a skateboard and grind a rail just by typing in a command phrase.

"Hey, 'sup, Astro."

I saw people I knew like Froggy200, Chadd, Candykiss, Mart, Spirly, etc. It was strange yet cool. It was like a Playstation game where it was 3D and very real looking. We also had more rooms. You see, I dreamt that Whyville was actually an island paradise for vacations but most of the people stayed for good. Oh yea, I would also like to tell you, there were actually free plots. @.@ *crowd shouts* "NO WAY!!!" Yup, that's right, free plots were just waiting to be inhabited.

Another thing that was cool was there were beaches, high mountains for snowboarding, and you could actually go down to the coral reefs and scuba dive. Apparently Whyville's computers aren't built for the challenge, so it's not their fault they cannot project this (yet!!!) but there were also microphones hooked to my computer so we could actually talk to each other live!

But there were also dangers. Hackers, computer viruses. I had to visit Whyville's hospital to meet Froggy200 'cause she had a computer virus. There was also a chapel and you could also scan a picture in to create a new 2D room. I visited a place in the clouds with levitating glass stairs, but I fell down through a cloud and fell down over a hundred stories into the beach. *Feels back*... I think I fell over my bed when I did that, because when I woke up at five, I was lying on my floor.

Another odd thing was sea gulls stole my hot dog on the beach. *>.<*. I was hungry during that time.

But I do hope that my dream could become a reality, turning Whyville into a great big 3D Playstation game that you can chat with. Yes! I also think if we donate a lot of money that actually this can happen. SO DONATE A LOT OF MONEY!!! MUWAHAHA!!! I'm just kidding. But it would be really cool if we could have Whyville like this. I kept thinking that the surroundings were in San Francisco for some reason, but it's still cool.

I'm Astro, and I want to tell you that I have to throw my cat out the window!!! C ya!



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