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How Did You Hear Of Us?

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Hello everyone! Today I am here to ask a simple question! How did you find Whyville? When you first join Whyville, it asks this question, but no one else gets to see it but City Management. So now, I want to know, how did you find us?

There could be many solutions to the question. A search Engine? Google? A friend? Almost anything could be possible! I am sure many people have been wondering where other people first heard of Whyville. So here is your chance to share it!

Post your answer in the BBS of this article. You might even find some interesting stories about when people heard of Whyville. Get excited! This will be fun . . .

Now, before I end this article, your probably wondering, wait, how did he find Whyville? Well instead of posting that in the BBS, I thought I would share right here! I first heard of Whyville when I was in fourth grade. My very first account was funface56, and it was in 2004. I remember this clearly because my friend Sarah was talking to me about how I should join. Then one day when she was over, she helped me set up my account. Sadly, about a year later (2005), I forgot the password (oops) and I had to make a new account, which bring me to this new but old account of mine: Lolypop93! I'm mainly here for the Whyville Times! I love to write! I hope to one day have the title of Times Writer under my name!

Well, now that you have heard my story, click that BBS button and get started! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Trying to wait patiently for the next issue of the Whyville Times to come out,
Lolypop93 =D


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