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Mattie's World: Football Fat

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Hola Everyone!

There's a big change in the "Mattie's World" Column. I read your BBS posts, (and by the way, thank you) and people were confused about "Why is the writer asking for advice for himself?" I started thinking about this, and I thought, "Will I run out of problems?" So now, It's not a column for ME to ask YOU advice about MY problem, starting now, you can submit your problems needing advice to me in Y-mail, and they might get in the column! If you want me to sign them anonymously, you must say so please! If not, I will sign it with your Whyville username! This column will still be called "Mattie's World" If the Times Editor lets me! P.S, this next conflict was y-mailed to me!

Dear Mattie and all Whyvillians,

In my school we have a football team (I'm in Middle School). But to play on the school's football team, there are some stupid rules that not a lot of people like. The minimum weight you can be is about 95lbs. And for some reason, there is a maximum weight limit. This I do not like, because I already feel ashamed while changing for gym class. I am overweight.

So many people have a problem with that. The maximum weight limit you can be is 160lbs. (remember I'm in middle school). I am 5 feet and 5 inches, and I weigh 172lbs. And I am pretty ashamed. I have about a month to lose weight for the football team.

My daily schedule is snack when I get home from school, which I eat a yogurt, a bag of Potato chips and a carrot stick with ranch dressing and dinner, which is usually healthy with pork or beans, or fish. After dinner I usually have an ice cream or a cookie. Please give me advice on what I should do for meals, what kinds of exercise I should do, etc. Thanks!


So there it is! the second issue of "Mattie's World." Again, post your advice in the BBS, thank you!


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