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A Ride in a Scion

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Hello, Whyvillans. I'm sure most of us have gotten to ride in a Scion . . . but have you ever been the driver? Well, I haven't. And I know that there is probably others that haven't either, and right now is the perfect time because . . . I'm in a Scion! Which means I can interview! WHOOT!

So I sat down to have a little chat with the owner, (left, blonde) to see what it's like to be a Scion owner, how hard it is to save up, and more.

shopfever: What is it like to be a Scion owner?
monkey631: It feels great to know that you tried so hard to save up thousands of clams for something you really wanted. It really does feel good.
shopfever: Wow! How did you have the time? What did you do to get that much?
monkey631: Well my brother (who also has an account) helped me with getting some clams. But I also saved up for my salary which is about 92 clams a day, and then I played the cafeteria game for about 20-30 minutes every time I got on Whyville.
shopfever: What made you think you wanted a Scion?
monkey631: Well I saw a lot of other people with Scions and that's when I realized I wanted one too. I also felt kind of left out that a lot of people had them and got to decorate them. shopfever: Last question...what is the greatest thing about being able to invite people inside your Scion, and all that good stuff?
monkey631: It just feels good to have people tell you your Scion looks great and just little things like "I love your Scion" and stuff. It makes you think it's a good deal to buy a Scion.
shopfever: Thanks for your time. :) Oh...thanks for the scion ride too.
monkey631: No problem. Bye!

And there, you have it. You've got all the information you could need for all of your Scion rides! I really hope you enjoyed this. For more information about Scions, check out more information at Club Scion. Thanks!



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