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Whyville Memories

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Whyville Memories

Whyvillian since Jul 17, 01

PoPsTaR3 signing in... PoPsTaR3 signed in!

Memories... o, sweet Whyville memories! I have so many memories on Whyville! some good, some not so good, but they're ones I just have to tell you, so, here is one happy time in Whyville! My first day ever!

I remember my first day of Whyville. February 21st, 2001. I signed up as cutie589 and set out to Grandma's. This girl down the street had helped me because she was a member herself. She showed me what to do at Grandma's and how to earn clams and everything.

As I walked into Grandma's I clicked on the table and up popped a screen with several items on it. Bubbly hair, glasses, and some party hats and party favours. I thought it was great stuff, but my friend told me it was not and I should get some new stuff the next day when I earned clams.

I walked around Whyville exploring everything I could find, the Sportplatz, Playground, Akbar's, Pool Party and City Hall. I couldn't talk yet because I had to wait 7 days back then to chat so I just went around seeing what others were wearing and looked like. I played some games, earned a higher salary and signed off.

My other story is a sad one, It was a horrible day for me and I knew that it would change everything for me on my Whyville account :o( Here it is:

I signed into Whyville on July 7th, 2001 and saw that all my clams were gone, I had gone on a shopping spree the day before and had spent them all, but I should have gotten my salary.

Then I noticed the red light blinking on my mail thing, so I checked my mail. The message said City Hall Report Decision. I thought to myself, I wonder what I reported someone for? I don't remember. So I checked it and sure enough it said: " You have been muted for 7 days for bad behavior on Whyville and lewd offensive language"

What? I said to myself. I didn't do anything! I decided to make another account right away, seeing as though someone had hacked into my old one and had taken all my clams, and had said and done all this bad stuff. So I did; I made the one I have now, PoPsTaR3! I'm very happy with my new account and I can still use my old account because it is still up and running and the hacker didn't change the password. So yeah, it's all good! :o) I've made lots of new friends on PoPsTaR3's account and I plan to make many more.

I'm glad I could share my memories, o sweet Whyville memories with you today! I hope you didn't get too bored! lolz! Please Y-mail me soon! Because I love to hear from fellow Whyvillians! Especially newbies! So please, Y-mail me about anything! Also Y-mail me if you would like to be in a cheerleading squad or a dance team :o)

Thank you Whyville! I can't wait to read your stories about your memories! It'll be great! So I guess this is me, signing off Whyville after another day after visiting Whyville 1755 times :o) and remember! Keep that Whyville pride! I AM WHYVILLIAN!

PoPsTaR3 signing off... PoPsTaR3 signed off! (but I will return tomorrow!)



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