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Hi everyone. I read about the Retrospective issue of the Whyville Times, and thought since I write a lot, why pass it up. Anyway, this article is dedicated to not only my experiences in Whyville's past, but what I think now or thought then, and especially to my very old friends whom I haven't seen or heard from in a year or more: Pego, Sahuboy, Catgirl, Blizzard, Sunnyday, and a lot more. They were some of the nicest people I knew on Whyville. Who knows, maybe they're still around. . . .

Whyville sure has changed between the time I registered which was October 16, 1999, and today, August 31, 2001. I sure am amazed to see that it's been two years since I discovered Whyville. I haven't really noticed before, the time has just flown by. Anyway, when I say "changed", I mean in both ways, good and bad. I'm sure you've heard the saying: "Time is change." Like it or not, things will change. You'll just have to accept that and get on with your life, huh?

Back in 1999, I remember when it was so exciting just to see a face. That's how small Whyville was back then. I mean, you could sit in the Square for like, an hour and not see anyone. Then when someone finally did show up, it was like "Hi! " and you'd pray that you'd be able to talk with him or her. I did make quite a few friends though, in the time I've spent here. But I'll point something out: back then everyone was like, nice. I'm not saying that there are not nice people now, because there certainly are. Some of the first people I met still come on, who were Hotstuf12, Alicia, Pikachu2, applegate, 1, 11, KaWoods and. . . there's more, but I can't really remember right now, sorry guys!

I guess what I'm trying to say that back in 1999 and early 2000 everyone was totally equal! There were no popular crowds, snobby people, or people who just felt like putting others down about their face. . . mostly because their faces were alike, having no Face Factory. You can see my old face if you look up Alicia's photos that she took in the winter of 1999. You'll have to guess which one I am, because I'm not going to tell you, lol.

I also remember Whyville's very first hacker, Flower. Lucky me, being the first person she hacked, huh? All she was doing was playing a prank that was meant to be harmless. She had no idea that it would get so out of hand. She really was sorry. But that's in the past now! Flower has been gone for a looong time and I don't think she'll ever return.

These days, Whyville is FULL of hackers. It is so annoying. If they get banned, well, they just make a new account! How dumb are they! It's spiteful, mean, and heartless to hack! I'm sure they wouldn't like it if they were hacked. I mean, come on. Isn't it also a bit kid-like? If you feel the need to hack people, then let me tell, you, you have way too much spare time, okay? Get it? Got it? Good.

What I'm trying to say, sort of, is that I sometimes wish it would go back to the old days. . . . no nasty people, everyone knew everyone. But those days are gone, and they'll never come back. That's good and bad. I've made some really awesome new friends, and that totally rocks, but you know how it is. Well, maybe not, but you would if you were me.

Well, that about wraps it up. I don't want anyone to take this article personally, I have absolutely nothing against anyone. So, I'll see you around in the now crowded town, lol, if I can find you. I'll see you next time, with my article on. . . um. . . probably the one on the. . . fashion or something. I don't know yet. So, watch for that, Y-mail me or something, and I'll see you soon!




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