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The 100,000 Citizens Forum!

Whyvillian since May 9, 01

100,000 Today

200,000 Tomorrow

Whyville is getting larger this moment, so that means that Whyville is going to need to look more attractive to members, guests Etc. We'll need to have patrollers to make this City a safer place; paper carriers for people who want to hear the news; greeters in Whyville Square to meet and greet newbies; people to start projectile fights & games. Whyville is getting bigger by the moment! The Future is now! So get out there and tell everyone about our WHYVILLE! SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD!!!!!!!!


Whyvillian since June 9, 01

Oh my gosh! Whyville's population is 100,000! I personally cannot believe it. As this new era of Whyville is upon us, instead of the past, I would like to think of what the future will be like, when the population is in the millions.

I picture Whyville as a town with giving people, and kind people. I also can see movie theaters, restaurants, and a beach. Maybe a friend-tracking system too, and of course everything will be a bit more crowded, but we won't mind, will we? No way! We are all happy as we celebrate Whyville's new population. CONGRATS, WHYVILLE!

My favorite memory here on the lovely town of Whyville, was Christmas Eve 2000. I had my other account, and I was a newbie. I only had 10 clams, and all my friends were expecting gifts! They were all quite rich, but I didn't want to go begging to them. I asked one of the richest in Whyville for some clams, and she gave me 100! It was a great time, and Whyville was and will always be in the spirit of giving!


Whyvillian since Jun 24, 00

Goodness, I have been in Whyville ever since June of last year. Whyville has surely changed a lot. I remember when I was a nobody. Wanting so badly to get a face with all those pretty designs on it. Never being able to figure it out.

I remember signing up, getting those free 60 clams and spending it on junk that I would soon give away the next day. Making no money. Having no friends. Life stunk.

I was always one to see people in Whyville, like their look and want to be friends with them, but it never worked. Then I did a few "no-no's" like give other people my password and let them fix me up, and from then on I just tried to visit Whyville everyday to see everything build.

I remember when the City Hall was actually "New" and trying to find the Disco. Those were the hilarious times. I remember when the Whylogy lab was just a "info-station" for parents.

I remember the people I had to be very nice to for them to ever say Hi to me. It took a lot. Socializing isn't easy anywhere. But after I made friends with Googles my friends started to increase. I met people like Tech-Girl and that Arthur guy that claimed to be mom's "husband".

*Sigh*. Life was great. I never see Googles or Tech anymore. I hope they still remember me. :(


Whyvillian since Jul 2, 01

Hi Whyvillians! I hope everyone likes my article because it's my first! I'd like to congratulate Whyville for having 100,000 people!

My favorite experience in Whyville was the Thursday I got my plot. My friends and some other people were hanging out @ the playground. I saw this really pretty girl and went over and asked her if she was trying to get a plot. She said yeah, and we talked about different topics, including how you got to the Haunted House. We both didn't know, and we discovered that we had many things in common.

It's been a very long time since then, and we both have plots. We are still best friends!


Whyvillian since Nov 11, 00

Out of all my favourite memories of my times in Whyville, the feeling of seeing my first article in the Times has to be the best. The WASA building had just been opened, so I quickly went to see what it was about, interviewed a couple people to see what their opinions were, and wrote an article about it.

Later that week, I clicked on the newspaper to read the Times, and there it was. I couldn't believe it, but that was it! 'WASA Revealed' by Aria. My article. I felt happiness, pride, and joy all rolled into one. And so I advise all of you to contribute to our Whyville Times!


Whyvillian since Jul 28, 01

Hey City Hall, how's it goin, its HunnyBuny here, just writing to say my best memory of Whyville is when I first (not as HunnyBuny but on a different user of course) joined almost 3 years ago. Then, we all started off with different amounts of clams depending what day you started (the most you could get was 60) and everyone looked the same. There was no City Hall and the population was barely 300! We sure have come a looong way since then. =o)

Hope you enjoyed reading my happy memory, s'cuse me for going a bit misty eyed, but they were the good ol' days. *Blows nose*


Whyvillian since Mar 26, 00

My favorite memory on Whyville is when I first joined. There were so many people there to help me. I had to wear dorky clothes, but then I figured out Whyville isn't about just looking good. It is really about the great friends you will have. I love Whyville.

Then as time wore on, I "got married" and "had kids". I "got divorced". I've had many Whyboyfriends. My first was Ghostly (I think). But my absolute favorite Whyville memory is when I entered Whyville Square for the first time and was a NEWBIE!!!


Whyvillian since Apr 15,00

I have so many memories of Whyville when the population was like 200 or 400 (sumthin like that). I remember when the prom was coming up and there was this cool prom dress and it cost 100 clams -- it took like 2 weeks to get 50 clams back then! Now it takes like one day.

I really love Whyville and it has changed sooo (on and on) much, and I miss the old Whyville. I mean, I like it now, but it's so crowded and there are so many people. But I also am really excited about the population reaching 100,000.

This is Littlgirl signing off, remember Whyville has been there for us, cherish it! LoLz!



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