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The Whyville BBS

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The Whyville BBS
Posting in Whyville

by Applegate
Guest Columnist

My article is about the BBS. I have three interviews: one with a friend, one with a stranger, and one with a founder of Whyville, who is also a friend.

A founder of Whyville, Jim was the first one I interviewed.

Me: "Do you like the BBS?"
Jim: "I think thay are cool, but complicated."
Me: "Do you post a lot?"
Jim: "When I have time, mostly at City Hall."
Me: "Have you made any friends that way?"
Jim: "I have. But more in chatting."

Then I interviewed my friend, Amanda.

Me: "Do you like the BBS?"
Amanda: "Yes".
Me: "Have you made any friends on the BBS?"
Amanda: "Yes, but more in chatting."
Me: "Do you think that there is any way that they can improve?"
Amanda "No, not really, everything is fine, although it is a bit crowded."

Then I interviewed Ally.

Me: "Do you like the BBS?"
Ally: "Yes. It has to be cleared up, though, it is too messy."
Me: "Have you made any friends on the BBS?"
Ally: "Yes, Picachu2, kawoods, and Pego."
Me: "Do you think that they can improve?"
Ally: "Yes, they need to put the old stuff somewhere else so we can get to it if we want to."

I think that many of us want the BBS to be cleaned up a bit, City Hall. I feel that many of us get friends through chatting. And most people like the BBS.

This is Applegate signing out.


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