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So You Want to be a Columnist

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Each week, there's great articles to look forward to. These articles are written by the Whyville Times' columnists. They make the Whyville Times THEIRS, by contributing to it each week. A lot of Whyvillians say the Times isn't really interesting, because they're not apart of it or because there's nothing they'd like to read. But you can change that. You're a Whyvillian. Get others involved with the Times but more importantly, get yourself involved.

Why should you be a columnist? Well, it's your choice really. But there's some great perks of being a columnist. First of all, this is your chance to voice YOUR opinion in the Whyville Times. It's your chance to be known for something in Whyville. Secondly, this is a chance for you to write about something you're experienced in. Instead of coming up with new topics for new articles, you're sticking to one topic in a column. Lastly for each article you write, you'll be paid 100 clams! That's a little boost to keep you writing.

Some ideas for columns are:
Sports - write about game scores, and the latest sports headlines
Current Events - keep Whyvillians up to date about our virtual world, or the real world
Celebrity - they're always up to something!
Arts & Crafts - teach Whyvillians how to make crafts

Remember, these are just a few ideas to get you thinking. Write an original column that people will be interested in reading. Remember, you'll be writing many articles as a columnist and you don't want them to be boring!

With your column, you need to submit a pitch to the Times Editor. Introduce the author to your column. Your pitch must include the following:
The title
Your first column
Ideas for future columns - tell the Editor what Whyvillians can look forward to
How are you qualified to be a columnist? - Maybe you've got experience, or you know a lot about your topic.
Why is your column important?

Email your columns to times@whyville.net. You need to email your first two columns. This way, you're showing some samples of your writing to the Editor.

Come on, and join the columnists. The Whyville Times is always welcoming new authors and articles. Make the Whyville Times YOUR newspaper, and be apart of Whyville's history.



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