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The Super Ultra Dramatic Soapy Show

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We left off as Danielle and Rochellina met Chris Crocker. Although he is odd, they became friends and decided to chillax at the Soma Theatre. However, as they were eager to see how to make a beautiful bracelet, especially Chris, the colors altered yet again! And then, when you least expected it, their hair altered as well as we saw mysterious giant footsteps. What happens next? Well, the three friends walked around Whyville when they found something ever so peculiar!

Hm... what could THAT be??? As the three friends pondered this, they decided to travel a bit more.

Interesting . . . very interesting. Well, the three, oops, FOUR friends went around Whyville to find more clues as they got to know each other a bit better. Turns out that Professor Dans vonSucram and Chris both love the color green while Danielle's favorite color is red and Rochellina enjoys the color "potato." Anywhoo, why don't we get back on topic . . .

As Chris left, it was time for a little girl talk . . .

Is it just me or do I hear wedding bells, oh, wait, that is not wedding bells I hear, my dang Aunt Bertha is walking in her "clacker" heels . . . long, LONG story. Anyway, is a new relationship hatching? Are we on to the conclusion of all this madness? Can you guess what is going to happen next? Next issue, lets just say, will have lots and LOTS of d-r-a-m-a: DRAMA.

Ushersg here saying DUN to the DUN DUN!


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