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The Genobeh Heboneg Show

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You heard-ER, read- the woman! Today we get to have the inside look on a CITY WORKER named Lovedyed! Lovedyed has been working here since August 2006 and is a great contribution to all of Whyville-kind. What is a City Worker, you ask? It is the people who run the city, silly! How do you know if a person is TRULY a city worker? Well, ALL city workers wear this nifty hat/beanie:

No matter what ANYBODY every tells you, ALL city workers wear that hat, NO EXCEPTIONS! Anywhoo, let's get on with the show!

After that, both, I guess you can say, "celebrities," had to split, however, allow me to tell you a little bit more about City Workers. As Lovedyed said, everyone who works at Whyville has a CW account, so, EVERY SINGLE THING that happens to Whyville is because of these amazing people. They have the courtesy to answer y-mails, design rooms, fix glitches, plan special events, make and revamp activities, and the list just goes on and on. To be a CW, you must be an adult living in the Los Angeles area, with, of course, experience in the field you would like to "be apart of," however, if you are a citizen who wants to help Whyville, you can always apply to become a y-mail helper.

With all that being said, let me remind you one last time that the "Genobeh Heboneg Show" is recruiting! If you are someone of any great significance (on Whyville or in real life) then PLEASE contact me, Ushersg. Also, if you have a Whyville club or organization, what better thing to do but to advertise it here, on the show? So if you are the president of some organization IN WHYVILLE, then contact me, because very soon, we will have CLUB DAY here on the show,

Ushersg here saying CUE music and applause.


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