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Crank Dat Interview

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Hello Whyvillians! If you haven't noticed, a pandemic is sweeping through North America, and unfortunately (thanks to YouTube and Myspace) the rest of the world. This pandemic has come in the form of a "song" by a so-called "Soulja Boy". If you haven't guessed what I'm talking about by now, well, where have you been?! I'm guessing you can tell my opinion on "Crank Dat", but for some reason that I can't quite comprehend, the song is really (as much as I hate to say it) popular! I know plenty of people who think Crank Dat is just the best new song and dance, so I thought I'd get some opinions from the streets of Whyville, asking citizens what they think about this new, ugh, "hit".

rochrox: What's your opinion on the song, "Crank Dat" by Soulja Boy?

xo7JoA7ox: "Crank Dat" is an amazing song with great beats. It's just fun to listen to!
black987: I hate the song.
holiday50: I think the song's very catchy to listen to, and the music has a nice beat to it. But I was annoyed by the song very easily, because it's such a huge fad.
ushersg: I used to be OBSESSED with "Crank Dat" by Soulja Boy, I really LOVED it when he was just a Myspace and Youtube star, I was one of the first of my friends to know of him (I heard of him through my sister who listens to underground rap) but now that he is popular, it is getting very overplayed. Not to mention, I just was taught what the actual words meant, and let?s just say, aren't very appropriate.
baxierox: I love "Crank Dat". I recently added it to my iPod and I am constantly listening to it.
glitsygrl: I think the song is catchy, but I wouldn't really listen to it by choice. If you ever do happen to look up the lyrics, you'll see they are pretty uncreative and sick. And although it's fun to do the dance, it just gets old after awhile.

rochrox: Do you know how to do the special, "dance" that goes along with "Crank Dat"? If so, how did you learn how to dance it?

xo7JoA7ox: Yup! I do it at all of our dances :P.
black987: I do know how to do the dance, my friends taught me.
holiday50: Yes, I know how to do the "Crank Dat" dance. I learned the dance from the music video, and from going to my school dances. They play that song all the time, and everyone dances to it.
ushersg: Yes, I know the dance. I learned it from my sister.
baxierox: I somewhat know the dance. I learned it on Halloween. My friends taught me.
glitsygrl: Yes, I do. I can do the dance, just not very well. One of my best friends, I swear, can do the dance almost as well as Soulja Boy himself. He taught me awhile ago.

rochrox: What age group do you think is the largest fan base for "Crank Dat" or Soulja Boy in general?

xo7JoA7ox: Teenagers.
black987: Teenagers.
holiday50: I'd say the 12-15 age group. Anyone older than that doesn't really dance to the song.
ushersg: The age group is probably 13-18 in my opinion.
baxierox: The largest fan base would be grade 7 to young adults. Maybe just teenagers.
glitsygrl: I think it's mainly 12 all the way through 16 or 17. I know many younger kids hear it from their older brothers or sisters. The song might be a little boring and immature for an older age group. My dad is a big fan of the CBC, so he was listening one day and I heard something kind of crazy! One of the hosts went to a Toronto elementary school, and asked some of the grade 5 students about any new trends. They all started telling her about "Crank Dat", and how everyone knew the song and dance. Here's a question for the BBS. How do you think these 10 years olds found out about "Crank Dat"? Why do you think it's such a hit with grade fives but also grade nines?

rochrox: Do you know any other songs by Soulja Boy?

xo7JoA7ox: Not really.
black987: No.
holiday50: No, I never even heard of Soulja Boy until I heard "Crank Dat".
ushersg: Yes, I know many songs by Soulja Boy, but I am not that fond of them.
baxierox: No, I don't, though I've been searching and found titles of a few.
glitsygrl: No, I don't. Soulja Girl, I think? That's it. I don't like him enough to get really into it. I think people really like him for that song. It's what he is known for.

rochrox: Do you think "Crank Dat" is an appropriate song for younger children?

xo7JoA7ox: Well it's not about anything racy or inappropriate, so I don't really think it matters.
black987: Nope.
holiday50: Yes I do. However, the song has swearing. But most songs these days have swearing, and kids still listen to them. "Crank Dat" doesn't have as much swearing as the other ones, and only the cleaner lyrics repeat themselves.
ushersg: Well, to be perfectly honest, I did not even know what the song really meant till about a few weeks ago, so I doubt that a younger child will know what it means, they would just think of it as a fun dance, however, I still think that it is aimed for older kids and teenagers.
baxierox: Definitely not. The cursing isn't appropriate.
glitsygrl: I am positive that even 9 or 10 year olds will hear this song somehow, on the radio and from older siblings, so I don't think there is a way of preventing it. The song itself, although, isn't really appropriate. You can't pick it out in the song, unless you know the lyrics, but all in all I still don't think that younger ages should deal with that yet.

rochrox: Out of 10 stars, what rating do you give "Crank Dat"?

xo7JoA7ox: 10!
black987: 5 stars.
holiday50: I'd say 7 out of 10. I don't think the song's very creative, and it's annoying to listen to it over and over. Also, the same set of lyrics keeps repeating too many times.
ushersg: Umm, at first I would of given it a 10 (I was obsessed), not, perhaps a 7ish.
baxierox: I'd give it a 9. It's a good song but I've heard better.
glitsygrl: I'd say 5. It's catchy, but still a little blunt and exhausting how it's played so much.

rochrox: What are your favourite and least favourite things about the song "Crank Dat"?

xo7JoA7ox: Least favourite . . . don't have one. Favourite: IT'S AMAZINGNESS!
black987: My favourite thing would be the dance. My least favourite would be how annoying the song is!
holiday50: My least favourite thing about the song is you can barely hear the music. Also, the lyrics just repeat over and over. It's catchy the first few times you hear it, but I don't really see why it's such a crazy fad. The song gets old very quickly. I think my only favourite thing about the song is the dance, because it's a weird but fun dance.
ushersg: I love dancing and goofing, the song has a great rhythm and is fun to dance to, but the message isn't very appropriate . . . yet, I had to be explained the actual "message" so it wasn't THAT apparent to be inappropriate . . . if that made sense. xP
baxierox: I love the part when it goes fast. I dislike the beginning because it is sort of boring to listen to.
glitsygrl: I really like the first intro, that techno beat in the beginning, the same with the end. I guess I don't really like the lyrics. I know I keep repeating that, but it's what turns me off about the song.

What do you think of "Crank Dat"? Is it a radio phenomenon, or just a waste of airtime?



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