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Have you ever met someone that just gave off "crazy in a good way" vibes? No? Then you obviously haven't met this amazing person by the name of XTonks.

As you could probably figure from her screen name, Tonks (as we all know her in Whyville) absolutely adores Harry Potter. In my book, that's enough to make her worthy or the WITS. But, I realize it's not enough for you critics, so let us not hesitate to jump forward into her world of accomplishments!

Tonks only joined in July of this year, but she's already made some contributions to Whyville. Her main contribution is the fact that she's a great conversationalist. There's no chance that you won't be able to read her chat bubble, because she doesn't "do" chat-speak. She's also extremely opinionated and logical; getting into a debate with her is like begging to lose.

Tonks, as I know her, is a book worm, with the uncanny knack for liking future bestsellers before they're realized to be bestsellers. If you ever meet her in a chat room, bring up the "Twilight" series. But beware! You may be talking for hours.

XTonks is an amazing poet. Unfortunately, she hasn't submitted anything to the Times that's gotten accepted, but if you've been lucky enough to see her work, you'd agree with me. She writes about her biggest inspiration: Harry Potter. Her poems are both humorous and thought-provoking.

Before I get the accusations pouring in on the BBS, I'll admit that I'm friends with her. I'll also admit that she's not perfect. Not by a long shot. She's been accused of being "too crazy" or "a Harry Potter Freak," both of which I believe she is (not that either of those is a bad thing XD). Even with all her imperfections, I could not imagine another person that deserves this 'prestigious' recognition more than my friend, Tonks.

Off to read the "Twilight" series . . . again.


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