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Review: Peter and The Starcatchers

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This is Nolegirl6 back with another review, another book. This book is based on the story of Peter Pan. You know, the character of the classic Disney movies that sneaks into three children's bedroom and takes them to Never Land. This is a Disney book, but there is a special twist on this one. Well this book, by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, tells you about what might have happened to cause this boy to fly, and how Never Land got its name.

This story is about a young orphan, and most of the book takes place on an old, beat-up ship. The name of this ship is the Never Land. While aboard this ship, he meets a girl named Molly. He later finds out that Molly is a Starcatcher. The Starcatchers are a secret group who catch Starstuff when it comes to Earth. Starstuff falls from stars and anyone who possesses it has unlimited power. The Starcatchers return it back to the heavens before any villains, or the others, can get their hands on it, since it has been known to cause many wars. The Starcatchers only keep enough Starstuff to fulfill their missions. Molly is on the same ship as Peter, while her father is on the Wasp, the fastest ship in England, trying to get the largest amount of Starstuff to ever fall to Earth.

As in most books, there are two different parts of the story. One is on the Never Land, with Peter and Molly, and the other is on a pirate ship. You might be thinking, "Captain Hook", yes indeed that is the pirate I am referring to, but that isn't his name, at least not yet. Right now, he is known as the most despicable pirate to sail the seas; Captain Black Stache. As obvious, he got his name from his big black mustache. When he hears about this new fast ship, he does what any pirate would do. He tries to capture it, for he has also heard about the big treasure on this ship. But he hasn't a clue what it is, only that it is the most valuable thing on Earth, as his hostage has told him.

As you would assume, these two stories meet. When the Never Land crashes and burns, yes that's thanks to Black Stache, the survivors get carried by a current to an island. As these characters soon find out, the natives, called the Mollusks, don't like visitors on their island. In fact, they feed them to none other than Mister Grin.

This story is probably one of my favorites I have read in the past year. It is filled of many adventures, and has a surprise around every corner. My favorite part was when I realized who Mister Grin was. I think I like the second book, Peter and the Shadow Thieves, better though. It has even more surprises, and I love how the book ends.

If you like adventure books, then this is a good book for you. As I said earlier, it's filled with adventures. But make sure you read the second one, so you can find out what happens to the Starstuff. Well, untill next time!



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