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Hello Whyvillians! Have you ever asked yourself the question, "Why don't Whyvillians have legs?" Well, over the next few weeks, we're going to find out just that. The first person I went to go visit about why Whyvillians don't have legs was Grandma. Here's what she had to say.

So I did what any other determined Times Writer would do, and I dove into the Charity basket, looking for any clues that might help me solve the mystery. Here's what I found:

:o When I clicked that button I was in for a BIG surprise. Dozens and dozens of pants were there! Word on the street is that long ago, back when Whyville was actually Whytown, City Hall (being the environmentally friendly person that she is) was drying all of her pants outside on the clothes line. Grandma came along an STOLE all of City Halls pants! Every time City Hall bought a new pair of pants, Grandma would steal them. After a while, City Hall was getting tired of spending all her oysters on pants that Grandma would eventually steal, so she gave up buying pants. All the pant production of Whytown stopped, and because of Grandma, we Whyvillians don't wear pants.

Wait, you don't think that's why Whyvillians don't wear pants? Then Y-Mail me the reason that we don't! If I think your idea is witty enough, it might just be used next week in another episode of the Funnies! Thanks very much to cobd, who came up with the fabulous idea, "Whyvillians don't wear pants: Because Grandma stole them!"



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