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A to Z Artists: B

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I'm back, continuing the "A to Z Artists" series, this time with the fabulous letter B. I've got five bands and artists to tell you about and I'm sure you'll all love them if you don't already!


Backstreet Boys, The: Even though they are basically a boy band of the 1990's, they're starting to come out with new material and who doesn't love a blast from the past? If you haven't listened to them in a while, seriously, listen to them. Take the CD that you had when you were seven, pop it in your computer and just listen to it. Instantly, you'll feel nostalgia for the 90's and you'll love it. I promise.

Black Eyed Peas, The: Even though they've broken up, they're still good to listen to every once and a while. Monkey Business and Elephunk are two of the trillion albums that they have, however, these are the only two that feature Stacy Ferguson (or as we know her, Fergie). "Pump It", "My Humps" and "Hey Mama" are only three of the amazing songs featured on these two albums.

Blues Brothers, The: Yeah, they're old. Yeah, they're good. The Blues Brothers are mostly an older genre of music, but it's still good. They've got a ton of albums and won't be producing any more, since, well, they're both dead. The brothers have movies and their song "Soul Man" was featured on the famous Nick show "Drake and Josh". If you're looking for a laugh, try listening to "Rubber Biscuit"; it's a bunch of corny jokes shoved all into one song!

Boys Like Girls: They're a relatively new band. Their self-titled album Boys Like Girls already has two singles off it, "Hero/Heroine" and "The Great Escape". They're mostly a pop-punk band, but they're insanely good. My sister who is in love with country music loves them, too. I'd recommend "Dance Hall Drug" or "Five Minutes to Midnight".

Brand New: One of them came from Taking Back Sunday, making them insanely good in my opinion. They aren't very well known, so it may be hard to find to find their music unless you get it from iTunes or go to a music store that has every record ever made. "Seventy Times 7" is about the spilt from Taking Back Sunday, so any TBS fan should listen and like that. "Failure By Design" is also really good.

Well, Whyvillians, that's all the bands for this week's edition. Check back next week for the C bands!

This is bluebag, off to start history homework.
(Got what I got, the hard way, and I make it better each and every day . . .)


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