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More Than Just a Theater

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Hey Whyvillians! I know most of you have heard of the Greek Theater, but have you ever heard of all the cool activities that go on there? Well this article is to explain some of the awesome things that do go on there.

The Greek Theater Is a big room where they usually hold the concerts on Whyville, like when they had TobyMac. There are stone steps, but this room is different from others because you can't move around. You can, however, talk and wisper to your friends. Everyday there are gams to play at the Greek Theater, like Math Expressions and Letter Squash.

Math Expression is a game where they put up numbers and a target number.

Example: 4,5,7 With a target number of 6.

So you would try to figure out an operation that would equal 6.

Example: 7-5+4=6

Letter squash Is the other game. They give you a topic, and some letters, Then first user to unscramble the letters and say the right three words wins!

They also have trivia in the Greek Theater! Trivia is hosted by a City Worker. If you like to earn clams and compete against others, this is the game for you!

Well those are the few AWESOME games you can play here at the Greek Theater!

Well, this was smiles449 saying, "Hasta la vista!"


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