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Face Factory Frustrations and Facts

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Hello fellow Artists, Designers, and Business Owners! I understand that many of you are confused about my new rules, and most of you are very frustrated by my recent, and short lived, acceptance of tall bodies. Let me explain a little about my new rules and why these incorrect bodies were accepted.

Akbar's Rules:

For a couple of years now I have been enforcing a rule that tall bodies are not allowed. I don't allow tall bodies because too many people attach inappropriate items to the lower part of the body, or show bare tummies, which is not allowed. I only want to see the shoulders and the chest area. Most of you have done a great job of following this rule and have created beautiful parts!

Helpful Hints:

I have provided a few examples in the face factory for you to see. Just go to "Create New Designs", then click on "Helpful hints: See face part examples here". Here you will see examples of proper body sizes and face openings. Be sure to check this out, it should be very helpful.

Check List:

You now have the opportunity to review my Face Part Check List before submitting a new design. Use this list to make sure your face part follows all of my Face Factory Rules. This is the best way to insure that your awesome designs will be accepted.

Why Akbar, why?!!!!

Ok, here's where I apologize, beg for your forgiveness, and grovel at your imaginary Whyville feet.

I managed to confuse all of you by accepting a few dozen tall bodies while I was away on vacation. As many of you know, I have a brother who helps me on occasion. His name is Grenouille (Gren-wee) and he is an art student in Paris, France. I asked him to cover for me while I was gone. Unfortunately, while he was trying to get a tan at the park, his poodle Fifi ran off with a beautiful Newfoundland. Grenouille couldn?t find Fifi for days!

Genouille was frantic and determined to find her, so he asked his roommate Jacques to take care of the face parts for him.

Shortly after Grenouille took off on his quest to find Fifi, Jacques got sick! So Jacques asked his favorite cafe owner, Jean-Pierre, to take on the important task. Jean-Pierre wears a smock and apron every day and doesn't know anything about fashion, especially Whyville fashion. He jumped in head first and did the best he could, accepting all kinds of face parts.

When I got home from vacation I saw that things had gone awry. I emailed Grenouille immediately to let him know what I thought about this fiasco (don't worry, I didn't make him cry or anything).

He wanted me to pass on this message to all of you (read with a French accent): "To my Whyville brothers and sisters, I offer my sincere apology. I know that the confusion I caused in the Face Factory will take a while to fix itself. Please do not blame my dear brother for my mistake. Merci, for your understanding. With much bonheur (happiness) I can announce that I found my Fifi and her new ami (boyfriend) yesterday at a dog show in Marseille (Mar-say). Fifi won first prize. Bravo Fifi!!!"

Again, I'm sorry about the mix up. Keep up the great work and don't be afraid to ask questions!

Signing out,

Akbar, King of the Bargain Basement, Whyville Wonder, Bobble-Headed Ninja Fighting Monkey Owner.


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