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The Dragons

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The Dragons

by Sahuboy
Resident Dragon Master

These dragons from my imagination are to entertain you. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing this.

The Master Dragon

The Master Dragon is the master of all dragons. It has sharp fangs the size of 20 doors. It is approximately 2000 miles in length and as wide as the Empire State Building. Its primary source of food is nuclear radiation and molten lava, although sometimes it becomes human and has a strawberry shake. It lives in the center of the sun and surrounds the Magic Horde, a gigantic treasure of enchanted gold and jewels. It is said that in one of its eye's it has a hole from which it shoots forth a charm of eternal life and wealth every 100 years. When angered it will make stars move to attack its enemy.

The Black Dragon

The Black Dragon is the most evil of the five dragons, and is always trying to destroy humans. But the Master Dragon, who loves our strawberry shakes, always stops him. The Black Dragon is 800 feet in long, 20 feet wide, and his teeth are the size of a door. The Black Dragon eats cement and rubber. It usually has to go down to earth to gather its food. The Black Dragon lives in the center of the moon where it practices black magic.

The White Dragon

The White Dragon is the smartest dragon, and is the Master Dragon's adviser. It lives in the center of Mars and loves it. It is 1000 feet long and 30 feet wide. The White Dragon's claws are the size of 10 doors. The White Dragon's blood makes whoever drinks it the weight of air. The White Dragon's diet consists of Moon stone and water.

Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon is the smallest of all dragons. It is 300 feet long and 20 feet wide. It lives in the center of the earth and uses a flame-thrower to fight. It eats hot lava, but never touches water, as it is fatal to it. The Fire Dragon, however small, makes a formidable opponent. When battling the Fire Dragon, always use water.

The Water Dragon

The Water Dragon is the fastest of all dragons. Its fins are like 20 doors all lying on the ground. It is 900 feet long and 30 feet wide. Since it is the water dragon, of course it lives in the water, it lives in the earth's oceans. It eats fish and water. It is said that anyone who touches the Water Dragon becomes able to run at 300 miles an hour. Of course, this is dwarfed by the Water Dragon's 3000 miles per minute.

Note from Times Editor: This is fantastic! Other dragon lovers should get in touch with Sahuboy and get a club started. The club can have a section of the Times devoted to dragon facts, stories, and trivia. We can call it the Dragon's Lair.


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