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The Old Whyville

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The Old Whyville

Guest Writer

Hey peeps!

When you first start on Whyville, you find it hard and confusing right? Well, in 1999 (when I started) there weren't as many activities as there are now, 2 years later, so it was a lot harder to figure stuff out and get ahead.

As I write this, the current population of Whyville is 96,959! That's A LOT of people! When I started, there were only about 400-450 Whyvillians! 400, that means approx. 96,559 people from around the globe, have discovered Whyville and found it to be interesting, amusing, and great fun.

The looks have changed these past 2 years, and that's the mega thing. When 1999 was around, there were only 2 departments in Akbars: Premium Parts and the Bargain Basement. Nowadays, most people find those parts ugly and "uncool". The most popular parts "back then" (that makes me feel old, lol) were the following:

  • Hair: robert plant, robert plant 2, and the black blob.
  • Eye Wear: cool blue sunglasses, ice blue shades, or the girlie eyes.
  • Lips/Mouths: red lips, bee stung lips, or lizard lips, or sinister goatee.

But here, in the year 2001,the most popular parts are made by the following designers: googles/lemonmule, amanda, shelly1, Charity, joshmk, and Twilite/PixieCo.

Whyville has really changed, so many people in Whyville are rude, crude, and the worst thing: SWEARING. It really seems like everyone is swearing! I mean, I tell people not to swear, but 99.9% of the time, they shoot every word in the book at me. I turn the other cheek, and forgive and forget.

Please, fellow Whyvillians, let's all try and make Whyville the peaceful, prosperous place it once was.

Hoping for the best,

this is Sari, signing off.



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