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The Super Ultra Dramatic Soapy Show

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First off, I would like to apologize for this episode coming in late; however, there is no time to waste, so let me do a super quick recap! As Danielle, Rochellina, and Chris Crocker were roaming around Whyville, they saw a strange propeller at Wingfling. As they searched rooms for more clues, they ran into ANOTHER Whyvillian named Professor Dans vonSucram Schnitzel at the Whyville Pharmacy. But, there was ANOTHER fishy thing going on, there was a bottle of hair dye with a heart on it mixed up with the prescription bottles. Lastly, as Chris left to go to the bathroom, Professor Dans vonSucram Schnitzel admitted to Danielle and Rochellina that she was in LOVE with Chris! Little did YOU know, Chris had a thing for the Professor as well!

Danielle convinced everybody to go to the elevator so Rochellina and Danielle can do their evil plan to get rid of the Professor FOREVER!

The sweet Danielle and Rochellina would normally NEVER push someone down an elevator shaft . . . maybe the tension and craziness of this mystery is making them go insane . . . or maybe they were insane to begin with . . . or maybe they are penguins in disguise trying to get the magical peanut butter! Regardless, the deed was done, and the Professor was thrown down the elevator shaft to meet her fate. Ah, but did you realize there was ANOTHER person in the shot?

Tsk, tsk . . . if you can't do the time, don't do the crime! Yet, Danielle, Rochellina, and Chris had a different plan in mind and being arrested was NOT part of the equation.

The insanity and "evilness" continues . . . what has gotten into these three friends?

Do my eyes deceive me? Have Danielle, Rochellina, and Chris gone BAD? Will they continue this life of crime and evilness? Who EXACTLY is this "Lynda Sudpole" and where did she come from? Is Professor vonSucram gone forever? Why exactly did Danielle and Rochellina so desperately want to get rid of the Professor . . . could they possibly be crushing on Chris? Will the madness ever end??

Ushersg saying DUN DUN DUN . . . wait, I think this article, being extra dramatic, should have a DUN DUN DUN DUN!!! Ohh yeah, a quadruple DUN, you know what that means don't you? Yeah, neither do I. (:


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