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Animal Rights

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Animal Rights

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Hi, I'm Smallgirl. Some people might know that I love animals. And some things that humans do to animals make me sick to the stomach.

I don't know if you believe in Animal Rights, but don't doubt the things that happen to them. That's why I wanted to write this article about Animal Rights. I want someone, if they haven't already, to learn something about Animal Rights.

Even as I type this there is probably an animal being tested on, an elephant dying so we can have a bar of soap called Ivory, a dolphin dying for tuna bait, and so on. Ask yourself, please, is that right? I really hope your answer is no. If not, fine. Not everyone may agree with my opinions.

Animals are living in this world, too. Please do the littlest things that can help in the biggest ways.

  1. Please spay or neuter your cats; thousands die from overpopulation.
  2. If you can (this is your choice), do not support animal experimenting.
  3. Please don't litter, and if you can, please do not litter your gum. The sugar attracts the birds, but when they eat it, their beaks get stuck, which makes it hard for them to eat, so they starve and die.
  4. Next time you're in an animal environment, please don't trash the place. I'm sure you wouldn't want someone coming into your home and making a disturbance.

And #5. Thank you for reading this article. It's your choice if you choose to follow these ideas. I am just suggesting a few small things we can do to help animals.

Bye Bye!




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