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The 20-Part Limit

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The 20-Part Limit

Veteran Citizen

Hello all, this is 11 speaking.

I just was reading in the Times about this 20 face part rule. I'm sorry. I just have to reply to these articles my fellow Whyvillians have written.

I think it's crazy to think 20 face parts is not enough!

I used to always come on Whyville. Like ALWAYS. But then it started slowing down each time I came to the site, and it was quite annoying. So I stopped coming on as much. I am thinking that slowdown is at least partly due to the fact that all these face parts are not necessary.

It's ridiculous to think that 20 face parts is not enough. I find that 20 face parts is way more then needed. If you say, "Well, we're girls, we need to look better," I think that's just nuts. "Well, we're guys we must look cool and hot" Phh, come on now!

I think we all can handle this 20 face part rule. If I were City Hall, I would make it a 10 face part rule. Although that's my opinion and it might be that way due to the fact that all those extra parts slow me down big time when I come onto Whyville.

My point is, I do believe that it is a good thing City Hall made the face part rule, and it made me kind of mad to see people complaining about it. I'm sorry. I just had to reply with the way I felt, right after I read these 3 articles concerning the matter.

Yours Truly,




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