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Madeleine: The Legend

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Madeleine: The Legend

Guest Writer

Have you ever wondered who created those Blonde Whisps, Purple eyes, Or Glossy Lips that everyone loves? Well, it was Madeleine.

Madeleine is a legend in Whyville. She changed the look of almost every Whyvillian!

Madeleine has been on Whyville since April 12, 2000. When I checked, she hadn't been on for about 230 days -- why? I asked two Whyvillians what they thought.

Me: Do you know who Madeleine is?
Er1n (formerly AzzKickr): (Has been on Whyville since May 23, 2000) yeah, I used to talk to her a long long time ago... she's the one that made the purple eyes and junk, right?
Me: Yeah.
Er1n: Yeah, I knew her.
Me: Why doesn't she go on Whyville anymore?
Er1n: She probably got bored of Whyville like some people do.
Me: When would you say was the last time you talked to her?
Er1n: When I was a newbie... prolly 6 or maybe even 7 months ago.
Me: Thanks for your time!
Er1n: You're welcome.

Me: Are you aware of who Madeleine is?
Leia: (Has been on Whyville since February 20, 2000) Yah, she designed all those awesome face parts.
Me: Have you ever seen her?
Leia: Yah!!!
Me: Do you know what happened to her? She hasn't visited Whyville in 230 days!
Leia: OoO, yah she must have quit Whyville.
Me: What have you heard about her?
Leia: Not much, only that she never wore blonde hair!! She always wore purple hair...
Me: K, thanks for your time!
Leia: np.

Maiko (formerly Lilly2000) has been on Whyville since May 8, 2000, and wrote of Madeleine in an article a few weeks ago: 'There was this one girl, Madeleine, who made the BEST face parts, and if she still went on Whyville today, with new tools in the Face Factory, she would be even better. She made the only good face parts, simply titled as Purple Eyes, Green Eyes, Glossy Lips and such. These are now known as the "rare parts" as I like to call them, because they have been sold out for ages!'

As you can see above, Madeleine, the legend who changed the faces of Whyville, is truly a great person. If you can tell me and other Whyvillians what happened to this legend or any other information about her, please Y-Mail me.

Thanks for your time! This is LTD2CHC signing... off! *MuAhZ*



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