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Bruab, Pwee, and Scout
Whyville Whyologists

The verdict is in! We have been reviewing the completed surveys and the results are so fascinating that we thought we should let other Whyvillians get a glimpse of what this survey is all about. Here's what some Whyvillians have been saying about the Whyology survey itself:

    I think this is a great idea and I think it is a great program that u have all come up with! I hope everything turns out good and that the study goes well! I would be happy to help and become a Whyology scientist!

    I think this survey was fun. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

    I enjoyed doing this it was a nice experience and I'd do it again.

    I thought the survey was very easy. I'm glad I get clams for doing just this.

    It was really worthwhile and didn't take as long as I thought it would.

    I think it's a good project so that we can say our opinions about Whyville.

So far we have had more than 100 Whyville citizens participate in the survey and it has been exciting to learn more about our Whyville members and their experiences on Whyville. The good news is that it seems most Whyvillians are happy with Whyville and how it works. We have begun to learn a great deal about what issues are important to Whyvillians and which ones seem like a waste of time. It is also incredible how diverse the answers are to questions like "Where do you go when you first logon?" to "Is it important to have a BF or GF on Whyville?" We've been told a great deal of useful information about the warning system as well.

While all this is great, we need more of you to help out! We really want to make sure that the survey answers represent ALL of Whyville's citizens, not just a few. So let your voice be heard. Who knows? Maybe you will totally disagree with what most people say about an issue. We want to know that!

Besides, you can earn 250 clams for helping us with this survey. And, for each friend that you refer, you will get another 50 clams! The more friends you recruit, the more clams you receive. We know clams don't motivate some of you because you already have so many. Why should you do it? Because we want to know what we can do to continue to make Whyville a fun place for you. And we want to know how you've become such a successful member of our community.

Lastly, we know the parent permission form is a bummer. We know you are responsible citizens and that you can make your own decisions. Unfortunately, we are bound by law to get parent consent if you are under 18 (if you're 18 or older you can sign the form on your own and send it in). Don't blame us, blame the government. If your parents have concerns about signing the form, or if they don??t want to write their phone number on it, encourage them to contact us here at Caltech (the California Institute of Technology in the United States). We would be happy to talk with them about our project. If we are able to speak to your parent on the phone, we will not need to write down their number.

Here's how to reach us:

Bruab: Dr. Brian Foley (bfoley\@caltech.edu) Phone: 626-395-8743
Pwee: Melanie Jones (mjones\@caltech.edu) Phone: 626-395-8746
Scout: Cameron Baker (cameron\@caltech.edu) Phone: 626-395-3269



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