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My Day in Whyville

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My Day in Whyville

Guest Writer

Hello, everyone. I read a lot of people's articles on their typical day in Whyville, so I thought it may be fun to do one of my own.

First, I type my name and password to get into Whyville, and like magic I find myself in Whyville Square. Then I look to the top of the bus and check if I have any mail. If I do I reply to it right away; if I don't, I sometimes write to my friends anyway.

Next I go and check how many clams I have and see if I can buy myself a new look in Akbar's and then pick my nose. Then, if I have leftover clams, I buy some projectiles and have a projectile fight.

After that I go to the Pool Party, Playground or 'Platz and chat with other people for a while.

Then I go and design an item at the Face Factory, go to a beauty contest, or just wander around!

Mabye then I'll go and read the newspaper. You never know what's in the paper!

Last, sadly I must log off (sniff!).

Well, that it. That's my day in Whyville. Luv ya, Whyvillians! Y-mail me!

Kiwimango signing off.


Guest Writer

When I have time, which isn't often anymore I (that's me) sometimes if I'm lucky enough, find my way to the family computer. I park my bottom on this same old hard chair and log into Whyville. As I type in to my name and password and hit the enter key, it comes to me and I sigh, "Finally, I get to enjoy a long awaited day in Whyville." (Well, not the whole day, but you know what I mean, right?)

I enter the Square and I wait for the screen to load, which doesn't take long. I take a few moments to take a quick look to see if I recognize anyone. Then , of course a few moments to gaze at my beautiful face... LoL, just kidding. If there's no one I know, and the rest are engaged in conversation, I usually give myself up to that pile of mail, and besides I think to myself, "It's only getting higher!" I open a few messages about password thieves, and answer back in sadness thinking all the while, "How can people do this, tarnishing their image and ours!"

Then, there's of course those who whine and beg for clams, I open them and reply, "Don't you know it's rude to ask, but I can see you are in trouble, I will not give you any, but I can tell your how to get some."

There's also the few inviting me to parties, also a bunch here and there from old friends or City Hall, some from new friends too, or someone wanting to become a friend. These are the ones that I look forward to opening.

After the mail is all read and replied to, I hunt for a new outfit in Akabars, being careful not to spend too much, tee hee. We wouldn't want that now, would we...

When that is done and I've put my new outfit on, I'll wonder what to do. I'll go play a few games at WASA, but I usually lose! When I'm fed up with that, I'll go take my anger out in a debate, which usually happens at the pool, or a beauty contest being held in the auditorium, or sometimes I'll try the Square.

After that I'll tell myself that seems like it for today, but then I get a great idea and decide to write something for the Whyville Times, and that's what I'm doing here today, just writing down my thoughts. If I don't have an idea though, I'll just put up my feet, lay back and read some articles from the Whyville Times.

Now you know how I spend a typical day in Whyville. It's not that interesting, but it's boring and I love Whyville all the same.




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