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Author's Note: Before you read, you must realize that the "PhonyFunny" in the name means something. It means I am submitting my first column! In this column, I will write the most phony but funny stories possible! It's for strictly entertainment purposes, and I doubt I'll be offending anyone, but if I do, it isn't meaningfully. Enjoy!

Hello, there. Ps2man1 with this week's PhonyFunny report.

The Dreidel Game; it's come to Whyville every year during the holiday season for as long as many of us can remember. Many of us do not know a time without the Dreidel Game; without drawing ornaments, and hearing Santa, joyful about the holidays approaching, exclaiming, "Well isn't this wild?".

It is great, and everyone loves this game, but some think otherwise. Some think this is an addicting gambling game! Is it true? Well sure, people bet money, and perhaps can get it back, but it's all for fun, is it not? I took this mug-shot of some people who have been said to be gambling by playing this wretched game! Who knew that the trees would help a reporter?

When they realized I was there and I started asking questions, they all fled. I wonder why they would do that! This was the only mug-shot I could get. Luckily, this mug-shot reveals the names of two that were there during the scene; Vancyon and nycshane.

I thought there would never be hope -- that I would never find them again, but alas, I did. I saw Vancyon strutting his stuff at the SOMA Girls Runway! I was eager to stop him.

Ps2man1: Where were you at 4pm Whytie onthe 10th?
Vancyon: Uhh . . . uhh . . . Sunroof!
Ps2man1: That is false! You are lying to a reporter! I saw you at the Dreidel Game. Would you consider the game gambling?
Vancyon: I would consider it a casin -- NO it's not gambling I wouldn't gamble no never, I don't have a problem. Please keep this quiet. I don't want Mother to force me out of the bament again with the pushing and the yelling that I need a job!
Ps2man1: Ooh, so mixed feelings?
Vancyon: Yeah, okay. Just don't let Mommy know!
Ps2man1: Now, for my final question. Why were you at Soma Girls Runway?
Vancyon: Oh . . . well, you see, I just blow-dried and straightened my hair and it looked so nice and I was wearing my awesome outfit and I had my medals polished and . . .
Ps2man1: Okay, okay. I get it. Now be quiet before I tell your mother about what you did!

Vancyon fled after I said that statement.

I saw nycshane at the Greek Theater, but he left. I would have caught him and persuaded him to do the interview, but the locked seats kept me from doing what I wanted to do. I did, though, get a candid shot.

So -- now the question is up to you. What is the true demographic of the Dreidel game; kids wanting fun or gamblers? Is it a gambling game? Is it okay? Is it not? Post in the BBS.

Thanks for help in the pictures from:
myself (Ps2man1, Ps2slave1, nycshane)
and ducky464

This has been Ps2man1 with the first PhonyFunny report!


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