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The Whyville Times Awards Nominees

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Hello fellow Whyvillians! I am very excited to announce to you the nominees for the first ever Whyville Times Awards. Let me say that this was an extremely difficult task, given all of the amazing articles that have been written throughout the year.

We should all also take a moment to thank Cobd for all of her hard work. This was her idea that she approached me with a few weeks ago and put forth the effort to make it happen. I'd also like to thank everyone on our judging panel who went through all 38 of the editions this year to find the most deserving articles.

So, without further adieu, in no particular order, here are the nominees for the first annual Whyville Times Awards:

Article of the Year

To Write Love on Her Arms - Kindell
My Life As An Anorectic - Wiicked4u
The Darkest Night - lyd1212
Change the World: Up in Smoke - Screamxx
Wear That Pink Ribbon - Ushersg

Contribution to the Times


Breakthrough Article of the Year

The Darkest Night - lyd1212
You're Really Buying a Lifestyle - Annie000
Eh! The Canada Column - Rochrox
Why Can't We Be Friends - xo7joa7ox
Cross my Heart and Hope to Die - wwrlm

Leila Science Award

Mad Medicine - Giggler01
The Theory of Evolution - bluebag
What's In It For Me - Rochrox
Discovering Science: Lather Rinse Repeat? - MysticP
The Kyoto Protocol- Saving the Planet - Rochrox and xo7joa7ox

Interview of the Year

Battle of the Acoustic Guitars Debate - girlmusic
Our Lovely Home Site - Twigsy
Interview with Pluto - mokey6
April's Fools' Day and It's Pranksters - Maglina
Inside the Mind: A Whyville Veteran - megmeg9

Collaboration of the Year

The Kyoto Protocol- Saving the Planet - Rochrox and xo7joa7ox
Our Sad Sob Story - xo7JoA7ox, nycshane and Rochrox
Eh! Imortant People: Canada - RochRox and Spinner45
The Music Scene - Linkin Park - Ps2man1 and Glitsygrl
Saving Interest for the Bank - Ps2man1 and Rex13

Help Article of the Year

So You Want To Be A Designer? - Twigsy
Frustrations of a Newbie - g4m3r2
To Write Love on Her Arms - Kindell
The Problem With Petitions - Holiday50
Contact Solutions - Angalgirl

Gallery Article of the Year

PhonyFunny - ps2man1
The Genobeh Heboneg Show - ushersg
My Chat With the Bots - Koalarox
The Funnies - Rochrox
The Super Ultra Dramatic Soapy Show - ushersg

Report of the Year

The Unforgettable Party - mokey6
Meet the Makers - ushersg
The Scholastic Buzzhive - Glitsygrl
Saving Interest for the Bank - Ps2man1 and Rex13
Blackout! - katluvr11

Entertainment Prize

The Super Ultra Dramatic Soapy Show - ushersg
The Funnies - Rochrox
Trick-Or-Treat Comic - ps2man1
The Genobeh Heboneg Show - ushersg
What City Hall Does on a Saturday - msof57

The Poetry Prize

An Open Heart Is Only So Far Away - Morganna
I Missed You - HAPHBAKED
Tragedy - sweetrixy
Precious is Life - Antier
The Same Spot - Glitsygrl

The Prose Prize

My Korean Mother - Wondermus
Life Lessons: To Hit or Not to Hit? - xo7JoA7ox
The Dreams of Hopes - Mokey6
Singing for Your Summer - Sam1213
When Crime Doesn't Pay - Glitsygrl

Award for Outstanding Column

Emmy's Logo Here - Glitsygrl
Change the World - Screamxx
Eh: The Canada Column - Rochrox
Life Lessons - xo7joa7ox
Inside the Mind - megmeg9

Please join me in congratulating all of our nominees. All of these articles are well-deserving of this recognition . . . now it is up to you to decide who deserves the top nod! Voting will start next week on the "Welcome Page". Make sure to read each of the articles to make an educated decision. The winners will be announced in January.

Until then . . . Happy Writing!
Times Editor


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