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PhonyFunny Reports: Do We Really Know Rochrox?

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Rochrox. We all know her. A Times Writer. A columnist. A friend. A weirdo. A dentist, perhaps . . . maybe not a dentist. We also know she always wears that mask! What's under that mask?! Does anyone know? Here, I'll show you her mask.

What in the world is under that mask? This is Ps2man1 reporting for PhonyFunny reports.

My various sources have given me four possible leads.

1. Rochrox is wearing the mask as a costume for the Soap Opera by ushersg.
2. Rochrox isn't real.
3. If you take the mask off, you'll find Giggler01.
4. There is nothing under the mask, which is why she does not take it off -- it would scare the children!

I know for fact #1 can't be true. It's ludicrous! I'm firing whoever gave me that information.

I'm also pretty sure that Rochrox is real -- I've talked to her several times. It is possible though.

I interviewed Giggler01 to see if it was her under the mask:

Ps2man1: If Rochrox took off her mask, would we find YOU?
Giggler01: Who is Rochrox?
Ps2man1: A Times Writer.
Giggler01: Oh . . . well, no . . . if it was me do you think I'd tell you?
Ps2man1: Yes . . . I hope. Oh yeah, one more question, what do you want for Christmas?
Giggler01: World Domination.
Ps2man1: That's a bit out of my budget . . . you sure you want world domination?
Giggler01: World domination? I said no such thing. I want peace.
Ps2man1: Hm . . . okay.

I do not think that Giggler01 sounded suspicious in the least bit, so the only possible situation left is that there's nothing underneath the mask, so Rochrox keeps the mask on so she does not scare the children! Here is a PhonyFunny Report generated picture of her avatar without it!

Yes! I think it looks plausible, and I understand now! I caught up with her for an interview.

She wasn't very enthusiastic, and left . . . how could she do such a thing? Next, we need to find out what Rochellina from the Soap Opera has under her mask.

This has been Ps2man1 with PhonyFunny Reports. *click*

Thanks for letting me use you:
- ps2man1 (me)
- giggler01
- rochrox


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